Good Barcelona World rants

Miquel at Tot Barcelona suspects this may just be another scheme to enrich the Catalan oligarchy at the cost of the rest, while Salvador Sostres wonders why, since profit trails here generally lead to fiscal paradises rather than reinvestment, the ruling class describe themselves as Catalan, rather than Swiss, patriots. Did Barcelona’s tourist crime entrepreneurs learn their techniques from the longest-running show in the world: not The Mousetrap, but the Catalan administrations’ “look up at the flag while we pick your pockets” scam?

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  1. The aphorism used to be “Barcelona, ocio, Madrid, negocio” but businessmen now take their secretaries to Madrid.

  2. So that’s the kind of island Mas is looking for. Not Nantucket, as I thought, and not really Ithaca, as he claims. Is Cyprus still a tax haven?

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