Introducing the Spanish heavy rock unlaut (sic).


Joan Ripollès Iranzo thinks Arturo (the “o” disappeared in public a decade ago) Mas may be on the way out, Elena Ribera isn’t so sure. My favourite Reverend Bacon this time round was Oriol Junqueras, whose resemblance to a mad pig conceals the fact that he is a cunning one. I loved his recycling of…
Oriol Junqueras being fattened in Osona.

A bird in the hand

Is the Nursing Madonna actually a dirty joke? Jesu, rex masturbatorum?

Juan Sánchez de Castro, Virgen de la Leche (MNAC)

Conductor taking incoming MIDI signals

This is of course how all conductors operate, whatever their price and reputation: I am still looking for a place to store the organ in downtown Barcelona, either ground floor or with a lift. If you or your company have somewhere, in return for appropriate acknowledgement, do get in touch.

WTF does “Cada hormigón con su espigón” mean?

It’s in Pedro Vallés Libro de refranes (1549) along with Cada gorrión tiene su espigón, which I’d translate as “To each sparrow his ear of corn.” Contrary to general belief, concrete of various types was known after the Romans lost it and the British rediscovered it, so is this saying something like “Reinforce your concrete…