Euro exploitation flick documentaries on YouTube

No budget, no morals.

Andy Starke and Pete Tombs’ Eurotika! series is now up there, including specials on Spain and two individual directors: José Larraz, and of course Jess Franco (see the interview with Carlos Aguilar last year), featuring Lina Romay, who died down in Málaga last winter.

Pete’s Immoral Tales, which accompanied the series, was excellent, and though I haven’t read the global follow-up (purchasable via the sidebar), I assume it is no less enthralling.

Last month I took some stalwarts of the Copenhagen industry round Barcelona, and their general opinion was that just about everything had gone downhill since the 70s, but I don’t really follow the post-Milton Jr scene, and that may just be old men’s talk.

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Exploitation film (1): An exploitation film is a film that attempts to succeed financially by exploiting current trends, niche genres, or lurid content.

Jesús Franco (1): Jess Franco was a Spanish filmmaker, composer, and actor, best known for his stylish exploitation films, directing around 160 feature films.

José Ramón Larraz (1): José Ramón Larraz Gil was a Spanish director of exploitation and horror films such as the erotic and bloody Vampyres.Born in Barcelona, Larraz started his career as a comics writer for magazines like Pilote and Spirou.

Kaleboel (4307):

Lina Romay (1): Lina Romay was a Spanish actress who often appeared in films directed by her long-time companion Jesús Franco.

Mondo Macabro (TV programme) (1): Mondo Macabro is a British television series based on the book of the same name by Pete Tombs.

Pubic hair removal (2):


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