Belated congratulations to Juan Wic, then PSOE mayor of Écija…

… for completely destroying the Roman forum hidden under the Plaza España in order to build a concrete underground carpark for himself. ‘Juan Wic … que es responsable del proyecto del aparcamiento de coches, dice que está feliz por haber mantenido una de sus principales promesas electorales. Dice que ha sido “esencial para el futuro comercial de la plaza y de la ciudad”… Antonio Fernandez Ugalde, director del museo municipal: “Por alguna razón, los políticos de aquí piensan que es más importante aparcar sus propios coches”.’ Plaza España, Écija hasn’t quite overtaken Times Square, but it can’t be long now.

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  1. Here in Mojácar, the mayoress knocked down some ruined houses and a bar, turned the whole thing into a plaza, an underground car-park for 37 cars (still not open, thanks to paperwork issues) and, in all, a jolly place to walk through with a shudder as the marble floors and stairs bake in the sun. The cost of this remarkable piece of urban redevelopment was around two million euros. ‘Ground Zero’, as the area is locally known, didn’t have much going for it before (apart from the bar) and… still doesn’t.

  2. I honestly did think of you and curse myself 5 mins after posting. Maybe there was a Roman forum underneath it all which she was determined to destroy before the bloody archaeologists came along and aborted Mojácar’s glorious future. When Al Qaeda move in and inspect the architectural deterioration that has taken place since they left in 1492 (or 1571, or whenever), maybe they’ll find it a suitable arena to throw her to the lions.

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