Is passive smoking really so dangerous?

David Friedman, who I missed recently in Barcelona, asks the question. I’m interested, because, although I don’t indulge, I’ve stopping enjoying bars since smokers stopped sitting around in them. One of my happiest experiences last summer was walking into a village pub after lunch somewhere on the meseta and finding everyone puffing away.

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  1. Interesting topic. I’m a small-time smoker, and used to do most of my smoking in bars. There is something sad about bars and pubs since the smoking ban, and it’s only made worse by pious non-smokers crowing about how pleased they are.

    Without sounding too maudlin, there’s something depressing about a modernity which tries its hardest to limit the risky behaviour of adults and encourages them instead to frequent gyms. I’d rather breathe second hand smoke than set foot on a fucking treadmill.

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