HL Mencken responds.

The word has started appearing on rabble-rousing posters with afaik no reference to the 2011 Greek documentary. I kind of prefer it to kleptocracia, government by thieves, which I had been using, but which lets the Plain People of Spain off the hook; and which describes historical process rather than the present splendid product with which we find ourselves. All the enraged and outraged currently rampaging the streets were perfectly well aware during the boom years that none of the tribal chiefs would survive an encounter with an honest auditor, but they nudge-nudged and wink-winked in the expectation that they would share in the spoils. To protest innocence now seems a tad shameless, and the quote, not to be found in the documentary or on the streets, is still Jefferson, ed. Mencken: People deserve the government they get, and they deserve to get it good and hard.

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