“Fashion and tapas take over the European Parliament”

But “Spain’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel García-Margallo … called for an end to the cliché of ‘the Spain of fiesta and siesta.'”

Repeat after us: Spain is not Europe's Florida.

Repeat after us: Spain is not Europe's Florida.

A rather mixed message, then, from Tuesday’s magnificent pissup national brand launch for long-suffering Spanish kleptocrats in Brussels, here and here. “Those taking part in the event … enjoyed a live flamenco show, a fashion parade and a gourmet food tasting session… This initiative may be repeated before German, British, American and Japanese audiences.” It’s good to see the huge distinction between Catalan and Valencian acknowledged, but I’m obviously a bit disappointed that they are not both described as rogue, whiney dialects of Occitan. “Marca España is an academic undertaking … [y]et it is also a political undertaking.” Well of course.

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  1. The entire Marca España site is a bizarre window into the minds of the sort of retrograde floppy-haired tie-wearing PP intern types who stay much better hidden in Barcelona than in Madrid.

  2. Like dogs pissing on trees, I think more or less every administration does this kind of thing. I don’t want to disturb your belief in Madrid = Mordor, but there’s a lovely clip out there somewhere of Pujol speaking at a similar event in ?Switzerland? during Aznar I and saying something along the lines of: only with a strong Spanish brand will the Catalan brand succeed.

  3. Madrid’s nice. I meant that the content of the website offers an unusually clear view of the governing bods. And they are unquestionably better at hiding here than they are there.

  4. You’re rambling. That’s my prerogative.

    The only PP interns I’ve known were girls working at the Barcelona office who left after the president of the Fira (a PP appointment) proposed they work as escorts for important clients.

    They’ll still all be there when we’re gorn
    Prams turned over, rattles drawn.

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