First post-mastoid-surgery photo

Halloween edition.

This post is of course scheduled, so I can’t tell you (yet) how it went yesterday, nor what the future may sound like.

But two days ago the idea of this blogger plodding out into today’s Halloween half-light, pale and blinking, with a monstrous ear (it’s been sawn off and sewn back on – apparently this is how everything is done, post-Taliban – and will take a while to recover), a scary head bandage, and so forth, seemed quite funny, mainly to those who still write to him in caps.

Version 2 has the blogger, bandage streaming in his wake, chasing down the High Street after the dog which has stolen his ear.

It is said that worse things happen at sea.

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  1. Can you still hear in stereo, or will we will able to mutter unkind asides by making sure to stand on your wrong side?

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