Dos entrevistas con organilleros

Un italiano en Boston College en 1937, y un chileno con organillo falso en 2011.

Un Harmonipan en DF(?)

Un Harmonipan en DF(?) Image: Gabriela Pablos.

Existe un debate sobre si el “Harmoni-pan/Harmonipan” era un producto genérico o no. Los organillos con cilíndros perdieron la guerra con las máquinas con rollos de cartón/papel a principios del siglo XX, pero no siempre se dieron cuenta, porque a mucha gente les daba igual si el instrumento podía tocar 8 o 80 canciones.

Si alguien en Barcelona o Londres o más allá tiene uno, me gustaría hacerlo un exámen.

Pero las entrevistas. Primero Bonfiglio Guglielmetti:

When organ grinders swing with “Organ Grinder’s Swing” the boys gather round in droves to hear the music play. At least, such was the case during the week when a distinguished organ grinder, Bonfiglio Guglielmetti of 16 Salem Street, Boston, visited the College. Arriving unexpectedly and playing his theme song, he immediately drew a crowd and commenced to cater to their musical desires, limited only by the eight tunes which his organ contained.

Genially and willingly and with a sense of humor which added to his air of savoir-faire and nonchalance, Mr. Guglielmetti submitted to an exclusive interview for the Heights with Vincent J. Ventrone ’39, of baseball fame, acting as interpreter.

In this indirect fashion, it was learned that Mr. Guglielmetti is a married man with four children. He is a native of the city of Piacenza, Italy, and first came to this country fifteen years ago. Since then he has returned to the old country three times, the last time wo years ago. He diplomatically confided that he likes both countries equally well but brought out the fact that there is a difference beween the two. For whereas he was accustomed to eating in Italy, he has lost the habit over here due to poor business and the fact that he can find nothing else to do but push the organ handle.

This organ, marked on the side with the words “Harmoni-pan, Frati and Co., Berlin”, it was revealed, is a relic of its kind for it was made in Germany over a hundred years ago [sic]. It is plain except for a few untranslatable seals decorating it and contains eight tunes – “no hot ones” – which are changed approximately once a year. No monkey goes with the outfit for sanitary reasons; and then, too, he considers that would be one more mouth to feed.

Etc etc.

También hay organillos falsos – una caja bonita (o no) con dentro un reproductor de CDs. Se nota por varias cosas, incluso un cambio drámatico de sonido. Hay un organillero muy gitano con uno en Barcelona, que me encanta, pero a quien no le apetece hacer frikadas conmigo. Este vive en Chile:

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