Quantitative easing à la catalane

Make lots of new ~euros in China and sell them under nominal price at gypsy markets. It will end in tears, but there’ll be some good stories.

I too was a reluctant fan of Pedro Jota, and El Mundo is still the only MSM source to amuse me. El País is almost Calvinist-Methodist in its unilaterally blinkered hypocritical piety, La Vanguardia will survive in its present form as long as the subsidies do, etc etc.

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  1. El Mundo under Pedro Jota, for all it’s incredible failings, was the only newspaper in Spain willing to do serious investigative journalism. Sure, it promoted some utter horseshit in its time, but it went after the PP when it needed to.

    El País is by far my least favorite newspaper, its self-professed liberalism a bland and officious PSOE-dull wankathon.

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