The Vampire of the Raval who wasn’t

Here, re Elsa Plaza, Desmontando el caso de la Vampira del Raval.

It was always obvious to anyone prepared to read the press reports up to the death, imprisoned but with no-one prepared to try her, of Enriqueta Martí that the only basis for her continued detention was an unwillingness on the part of the authorities and the press to admit that the sensational leaks during the early phase of the case were inventions designed to further careers in the (secularised) first and fourth estates.

The most shameful and disturbing repetition of the myth was in the local bestseller La mala dona/Barcelona shadows by Marc Pastor, employee of the CSI of the regional police, the Mossos d’Esquadra. But Arcadi Espada, who refuted modern child-abuse hysteria in the Raval (Raval: del amor a los niños), also fell for it on one occasion, if my recall is correct.

Contemporary conspiracy theory says that investigating judges with a Messiah complex are deliberately let loose on political cases which the elite doesn’t really want resolved in the knowledge that sooner or later they will do something so utterly illegal and lunatic that the case will collapse. I fear that judge Alaya may be about to join Garzón, Silva et al in the wilderness, but there might be a decent novel in all that.

Hieronimo is mad again, again.

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