Yes, but can she sing?

Not 100% safe for work.

Vox populi:

  • Angryjolly: This is odd. Maybe I just need more context.
  • offic3space: play my street organ.
  • bishop628: Just one string to come lose is all i need 
  • djr0108: Wow, where did you learn to play that good?
  • Vasconium: There’s truly a fetish for everything…
  • Herr Flick: I really don’t know whether I should laugh or cry…. 
  • MightyMighty Spandaniel: How has this not gotten more views for them titties alone?
  • ChemicalPaynt: I for one enjoy subtlety 
  • dbxbeat: Oh.
  • Timmy Too Far: This has made my night :D i would totally have a beer with this woman!!! And if i dont have a rack like that at her age ill be pissed
  • Martyna Gajny: what am I doing here?
  • austin parkhurst: WHAT I HAVE SEEN CAN NOT BE UNSEEN
  • MightyMighty Spandaniel: Wh-why aren’t there more of these?
  • b747200lrc: Got any new videos Angie?
  • edkumspirytkum: Oh God, I’m lost again in this odd part of youtube.
  • DarklyDreamingDayln: Mom?
  • Nx10: Dang nice rack
  • James King: tosh
  • theorganguy: 0:00 Colonel Bogey (River Kwai March)
  • Alexa Varkatzas: Momma!!! I want more from you

One does one’s best (photo Mary):

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