The real Spanish Abdication

“Heresy is the side that loses.” — J.V. Fleming @ Greg Ross. Totally with Mentalidade Logica: “Torres should go to Fuenlabrada and open a pizza restaurant called El niño.”

The restraint of Spanish nationalists in the face of Catalan nationalist provocation post-defeat has been quite impressive. I recall an incident years ago in a village in Albacete Province, evenly divided between Barça and Madrid. The one lost to the other, one man walked down the middle of the street past the front door of another whistling inoffensively, and the latter calmly shot the former dead and presented himself to the Guardia Civil.

Sangakarra is a great cricketer and a lovely man, but you may not want to think too deeply about his theory of sport and national conciliation.

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  1. I heard 4 fireworks upon Spain’s defeat, but then half of my neighbours are collapsing factories. I imagine the provocations were far worse in Gràcia.

  2. Incidentally, I’ve watched zero FIFA games this year but did enjoy the 5th day of the 1st test on TMS. Nothing to do with liking Spain or otherwise: I’ve just always felt that the world cup is a foamy imitation of a good competition. Club football’s far better. I suppose some would say the same about cricket, but I’ve a conviction that nothing in sport is quite as special as an international test series.

  3. Day 5 was an absolute killer and I agree about club football – particularly in the case of Ingerland. But Barça & Spain were both extraordinary while they lasted – like a falange of crabs scuttling busily across a beach.

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