My only grammar peeve

Colin really needs to haul down the flag on his less/fewer mission. It’s not like he hasn’t got enough other things to complain about, what with the weather they’ve been having.

I hope on the other hand that the herd will come to realise that it is not true that the “Chinese man [was] killed after having his throat slashed and his HEART pulled from his chest in [a] row sparked by a bowl of noodles.

People, the citizen was killed WHEN his throat was undone and his heart removed. No invisible dwarf popped by 15 minutes later to administer a coup de grâce/grasse, unverifiable except by specially trained Daily Mail sleuths.

This crime is alleged to be a central artefact of DM culture, explained carefully to the Oxbridge interns who are alleged to cobble away at monstrous speed and in ethylic confusion. But in compensation the DM does have better photos than competing freebos like the Guardian, and sod Leveson, whatever his purpose was besides enriching barristers.

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  1. I realise I am campaigning for a lost cause. So there was more than a a touch of irony in my ‘correction’. It’s just us guards guarding the guards.

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