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Pretty dull little piggies, actually, but I just wanted to mention a little script I’m working on. It will

  1. compile and classify data gathered previously on this blog,
  2. use it to identify probable translation mistakes prone to cause helpless laughter, as well as mere mistranscriptions of interesting words (female genital mutilation more widespread than previously thought, says Hillary Clitnon),
  3. take the highest-ranking relevant ghit for Spanish and Catalan domains,
  4. return it here accompanied by some apparently profound but utterly meaningless proverb,
  5. thus ensure that you will continue to consider me a fucking genius without my having to stir from the pub,
  6. make me an inflation-adjusted trillionaire in some reputable currency by the time I’m 346.

So that’s my summer sorted. Have a good one yourself.

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