Cost of living: London almost twice as expensive as Barcelona?

Sounds about right to me. I haven’t been to Belfast since I could count my age on my fingers; maybe there are good reasons now why people would prefer to live there than in marginally cheaper San Sebastián, though I suspect food is not one of them. Because of the way things work out when I’m there, I don’t tend to think of Bath as almost as terrifying as London (OK, 86%), but Mr Depp has clearly driven up kebab prices.

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  1. Hmm. At first I wasn’t sure about Plymouth. But it’s true that Tesco is more expensive than my local family-run supermercat. There’s some imbalance in the numbers, though. E.g. a ‘meal, inexpensive restaurant’ in Plymouth would be a sandwich and a pint, whereas here it would be a full menú.

    On the other hand, ‘bottle of wine mid-range’ for €4 in BCN? Wishful thinking. Whatever happened to our quality cheap plonk page?

  2. I’ve put the prices in for my home town of Lancaster, filching from various sources including rightmove and Sennnzburies. Apart from “tennis court rental”, a bizarre geographically- and culturally-specific practice, the average monthly income figures were the most difficult to place.

    I had a look at some figures published here which gives a median income in Lancaster of 25-26K, clearly demonstrating the practical uselessness of the median, far too yielding uncder pressure from a few high earners.

    I emailed the contact given in Lancashire County Council to ask him if there was a modal figure for income. Part of his reply was this:

    “The gross household income article uses mean and median figures that we purchase from the private consultancy firm CACI. The spreadsheet they send us includes mode income results for the Lancashire local authorities but in every case the mode income figure is given as £12,500. Even the most and least affluent Lancashire authorities: Ribble Valley and Blackpool have mode figures of £12,500. It’s also the same at the county, regional and national levels.”

    12.5K as a mode for Lancaster sounds about right, but the *national* similarity of that figure is suspicious to me.

    And why are we not doing this work in-house any more?

  3. Sheer heroism! You’re probably Lancaster’s major PR asset in the wider world, and the OBE is only a question of time and a LibDem government.

    (Apologies for comment blocking: there was a big spam squall a while back.)

  4. Ah, thank you — it was a slow day in the office and the results were quite interesting. As a non-smoker, it gives me some comfort to think that cigarettes (tax-paid ones, anyway) are now pushing 9 quid a packet. I still think three pints for the same cost will do you less harm.

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