Recording in which a Canarian separatist deputy mayor offers to fix up a PP councillor’s monolingual mum with a translation job

Like the Pujol organisation in Catalonia, Partido de Independientes de Lanzarote appears to be a xenophobic, localist, criminal clan whose nuclear deterrent against law and order is secession. Like CDC/UDC/CiU in Catalonia, it found political allies in a nation-wide criminal clan -the PP- in return for kickbacks, and some of what was sown is now being reaped.

This particular case (local copies of the transcripts here and here) against Ubaldo Becerra (PIL) and Joel Delgado (PP) has been dropped because the contract wasn’t signed (sic). I have no doubt that the method employed here is that used at the vast majority of institutions listed in the RH column.

The golden moment is the suggestion that Mr Delgado’s mum could always go to the local language school, but then there are also glowing classics like “plazas para personal de confianza” and “yo le puedo pagar lo que ella pide.”

I haven’t got the resources to be a translation Manos Limpias or Podemos, but I have hopes that charges and convictions will transpire in a couple of other monstrous cases of linguistic sodomandgomorrahy.

In particular, Pedro Pacheco, the “Andalucian nationalist” ex-mayor of Jerez de la Frontera who was finally gaoled yesterday for embezzlement and perverting the course of justice, is said to be keen to stick the knife into one or both of his successors (I can’t remember every detail of the crap people tell me in bars): María José García-Pelayo Jurado (PP) and/or Pilar Sánchez Muñoz (PSOE’s Andalusian regionalist franchise), who he feels grassed him up with a particular lack of respect.

Both ladies have a tab running here, and neither of their administrations is said to have been particularly Nordic in its approach to government, so feel free to join me in my prayers, and if you know Pedro then do please tell him to get in touch.

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