Barcelona priests’ sartorial Anglophilia?

En la entrevista previa a mi ordenación diaconal, el cardenal Ricard Mª me preguntó: ¿Tienes pensado vestir clergyman? Ante mi respuesta afirmativa me espetó: Eso es lo que yo quiero: Que cuando vean a un sacerdote vestido de cura, la gente diga:” ¡Ahí va un sacerdote de Barcelona!”

Or is it a reference to Irish priests? Or is there some cosmopolitan Catholic couture that has escaped my attention?

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  1. A splendid clarification, and a splendid new Espanglishism, in Anon re clerical drag:

    To dress as a clerimang is to wear the uniform of the clergy of a diocese. That is, to wear a visible sign that tells us what they are. But in Catalunya we have a rebellious clergy, the majority. And they want to pass for that which they are not: laymen. But as it so happens neither do they know how to dress as the latter, because they put on the first thing to turn up, so that we see them wearing shirts with all kinds of checks, maladjusted trousers, sweaters of all and any colour, trainers and sandals that do not combine in the slightest, and if they want to pretend to be “nationalist progressives”, they wear their hair all over the place, as do they their goatees and little beards. In short, a disaster. They are now standardising not wearing the chasuble in the liturgy. As justification, if any layman dares ask, they answer that Jesus did not dress as a clerimang or chasubles. But we know that everyone knew who Jesus was, and Jesus used talmid [I don’t get this: disciples?] to pray. The clerimang is not a religious habit, but by wearing it the priest visibly manifests his priesthood. This exposes him to being insulted and jeered in the street, but people can also ask him for the sacraments, because in Catalunya most churches are closed for most of the day, and neither, when they are, is the green light illuminated [I assume this is to indicate that though the church is closed there is someone home – my ignorance is shameful, and you’re not paying me].

    The challenge to the Vatican’s authority is clear. Redemptionis Sacramentum 123 (2004):

    [123.] “The vestment proper to the Priest celebrant at Mass, and in other sacred actions directly connected with Mass unless otherwise indicated, is the chasuble, worn over the alb and stole.”[213] Likewise the Priest, in putting on the chasuble according to the rubrics, is not to omit the stole. All Ordinaries should be vigilant in order that all usage to the contrary be eradicated.

    I’m still not clear how the word clergyman or clerimang came to be used.

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