Barrel organ braking

El fanclub del Nokia 100 soy yo, y su radiación es buena para ti.I am the Nokia 100 fanclub, and its radiation is good for you.[:nl]De fanclub van de Nokia 100 ben ik.El fanclub del Nokia 100 sóc jo, i la seva radiació és bona per a tu.

Note that the wheel exposed to radiation has better color

JA>ES translator gets it wronger than the Madrid police

If you’re in Tokyo the logical assumption is that that local police car is not a Yokohama one, so the “Tokyo” (or whatever) always (?) gets left off: Qué curioso, en Madrid tienen 警視庁 (Departamento de Policía de Tokio Metropolitano)… / cc @Darth_Mantis 20:34 – 12 de dic. de 2014

Google Noticias

Enquiry from a Spanish emigrant to the UK: I have no assets in Spain. What could the AEDE / the Spanish justice system do to me if I set up an offshore aggregator using IP spoofing to avoid shutout and financed by ads?