Osona: the power of pigshit

Anon enjoys juxtaposing the gibberish from the tourist body for the Catalan district containing Vic, Manlleu and Torelló:

Discover thepower ofcatalan land, close to Barcelona

… with news from Grup de Defensa del Ter that the average level of nitrates in tested springs in the area -vital for walkers- has increased over the past year from 64 to 78.7 mg/l; that there are peaks of 456.5 at Taradell, 353.4 at Santa Cecília de Voltregà, and 343.9 at Gurb; and that more than half of the springs exceed the WHO’s recommended limit of 50 for drinking water.

Conspiracy theories

  1. GDT believes that politicians and civil servants are in hock to big business, which is to say pig business. (Aside: A Dutch gent who ships his pigs for fattening in Osona before returning them to Holland for slaughter says that the lack of environmental checks has a crucial impact on his pricing, and the effect on nose and eyes is often reminiscent of parts of Holland in the bad old days.) However, human water consumption is more than four times that of our snorty friends per head, so both sides may be hearing shortly from porcine rights activists.
  2. Anon suspects murderous xenophobia – “Let’s get ’em here, and poison ’em.” But then they’d have produced a decent translation, no?
  3. You already know what I think.

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