But what can Barcelona sell apart from debauchery?

What's Natalie Bennett doing in the background?

What's Natalie Bennett doing in the background?

This photo of Mobile World Congress attendees pigging out in a bar in the Born is doing the rounds as part of the move by the soon-to-be mayoress to terminate or substantially reduce Barcelona’s profile as the ideal destination for people in suits who want to visit a football museum, eat old bread soaked in tomato pulp, get pissed by the seaside, and shag a Romanian – in functional terms the same offering as when Spanish businessmen used to bring their secretaries here for a dirty weekend in the 50s. The post-PSUC pijo clique can hardly put all its money on Gaudí, a racist misogynist arsehole Christian considerably less tolerant than dear old Gen. Franco. How is the already catastrophic unemployment rate not to rise in this new economy?

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  1. Well we’ve been laboring with this neo-lib utopia for a while, so why not try something else?

    General opinion, BTW, is that MWC will move elsewhere. But that has nothing to do with Colau or Trias, for that matter. This has been the prevailing opinion for years now and I’m never clear on how accurate it is. Even though BCN offers some of the best boozing and whoring in Europe, these things happen: there are cities in the middle-east with far less reason to exist than BCN and far better policies on bribes, at least for event organizers. The sky won’t fall in if MWC goes elsewhere but perhaps fewer truckloads of women will be trafficked here. Other things will turn up.

    Gaudí has been sterilized by history, whether you or I like it. We’ve got Miró too!

    Also, don’t you think employment would be higher in a city with 10,000 old man bars rather than 100 Irish pubs?

  2. So kicking down an open door.

    I’m with the old man bar idea – but we’ll need to reduce the taxation of alcohol and employment. I think you’d probably be able to live with at least one of those.

    I hope they crack down on illegal, make that all, tourist lets. And machine gun skateboarders – Venice banned wheelie suitcases because of the noise pollution, and los eskatairs are far worse.

    I don’t think it’ll just be a case of changing the person taking the bribe, as was the PSC – CiU handover, but if they’re going to be propped up by PSC and ERC then obviously the corruption’s not going to stop.

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