Nasser and the hijab

Jokes with the party faithful about the negotiations with the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood following the 1952 revolution.

Anticipating islamofascism in Bangladesh:

The burqa is common in Mayfair, but in London’s Middle East women of certain procedence either wear the full niqaab or, more frequently, the chador. When I’m out walking on the heath, as a wannabe good citizen I habitually greet everyone, be they dressed in tanga or textile binbag. None of the Muslim women reply, but I have observed that, while the chador-dwellers keep their eyes modestly fixed on the ground, the niqab liberationists tend to take a sideways look. But are they hornier than convent school girls?

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  1. I am engaged in daily passive-aggressive greetings with similarly over-covered women down my street.

    Will come back to Nasser when I can get on a computer that shows yellow on grey better than this one.

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