The Catalan oligarchy

… and the obscene under-representation of mother-tongue Spanish speakers in positions of power.

Antonio Robles cum suis beat me to this simple demonstration of what’s wrong. So why the fack will nigger vote once again in sufficient numbers for whitey on Sunday? Anyways, I’m mostly free of the bitching now, so the fresh allegation that the UDI-hungry Pujol clan laundered 420 million through RBS doesn’t affect me. No, wait…

Here’s ze famouz Jane’s Addiction/Body Count cover of the Sly Stone number. It may not have seemed so obviously camp at the time:

And here’s the original, too distant for anyone to recall accurately:


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  1. Ah yes, the ethnicist argument at the center of the unionist case. First you say that Mas never really spoke Catalan at home. Then a year or two later, that no one who speaks Spanish ever succeeded in Catalonia. Can’t have it all three ways.

    David Fernandez’s parents were, of course, secretly from Manresa.

  2. BTW, when he says this:
    En Cataluña, como en cualquier sociedad civilizada y democrática, debe haber espacio para diversas ideologías. También para la izquierda. En Cataluña no hay.

    I assume that what he means is that Cs are part of this same hegemony, led by a chap with a Catalan surname whose parents were healthy members of the bourgeoisie.

    Or does he mean that EUiA, opposed to independence and the CUP (effectively PSUC and PSAN) are the same thing?

    Or is he really just bitching about the fact that his side isn’t going to win?

  3. I can’t vote. But if there’s a case to be brought against Mas (with actual evidence, even a fraction as damning as the Barcenas papers, for example), then he should obviously be prosecuted. The CUP won’t stop that from happening.

  4. You’re right of course about the CUP – it’s lovely watching all his backslappers trying to stick a dagger in it without it reflecting on them.

    I wonder where all this is going to leave Ada Colau’s coalition.

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