Could Daniel Hannan’s how-to-avoid-Brexit recipe help Jorge Trías solve his little problem? I broadly agree with DH, though Sadiq Khan, who really needs to get out more, says that makes me a xenophobe, but disagree with JT – different circumstances. There are practical difficulties, not least of which: a British semi-detached solution for the EU is imaginable, but what would Catalonia’s relationship to the EU be if it achieved this level of independence from Spain? My sense of grass-roots feeling in other northern member states is that the EU will not exist in any recognisable sense in 10 years, so perhaps it doesn’t matter.

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  1. DH’s plans would leave millions of British citizens in a tricky legal situation (although that’s not a red line point for him, so I guess we can remove all the citizenship stuff from the proposal).

    That no one is seriously claiming that the Spanish constitution is fine as it is now, thank you very much, is heartening. I reckon historians will look back to the PP’s opposition to the Estatut and its bizarre, drunk-clown-like politics in the years that followed as one of the decisive factors in Catalonia seceding from Spain. I get the feeling that significant parts of the party itself is starting to realise that.

    Anyway, where’s your link to that German chap who said that the only way Catalonia has a hope of staying in the € is if it leaves the rest of Spain behind?

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