Animal sawdust

JG Kohl, in Petersburg’s markets at the beginning of the reign of Queen Victoria: The anatomical dissections of a Russian butcher are extremely simple. Bones and meat having been all rendered equally hard by the frost, it would be difficult to attempt to separate the several joints. The animals are, accordingly, sawn up into a…
Dog meat soup at Kaesong Folk Hotel, Korea.


Could Daniel Hannan’s how-to-avoid-Brexit recipe help Jorge Trías solve his little problem? I broadly agree with DH, though Sadiq Khan, who really needs to get out more, says that makes me a xenophobe, but disagree with JT – different circumstances. There are practical difficulties, not least of which: a British semi-detached solution for the EU…


French: to swipe a badge over a reader to access space or information. This digital harassment furnishes a nice spurious retrospective etymology for the British badger, to molest. Don’t bugger badgers or badger buggers.

The Tory Scumbank

How to fund Jeremy Corbyn’s “people’s QE” without killing off the Bank of England and destroying the British economy.