[Huddersfield Chronicle – Wednesday 16 May 1894]
The contents of a most eccentric will left by M. Zalesky, a rich Polish landed proprietor, who died in the province of Taorida in March, 1889, has just been published. The property left by the deceased was valued at 100,000 roubles, and his will was enclosed in an envelope bearing the words, “To be opened after my death.” On this envelope being opened the executors found a second envelope, on which was written, ” To be opened six weeks after my death.” The stipulated time having elapsed the second envelope was opened, and a third was found with the words, “To be opened a year after my death.” At the end of the year a foarth envelope was discovered, which was to be opened two years after the death of the deceased. This continued for five years, and when at length, in 1894, the actual will was read it was found to be as eccentric in its dispositions as in the directions attaching to its opening. The testator bequeathed half of his fortune to sach of his heirs as has the greatest number of children. The rest of hia money he directed to be placed in a bank and, at the end of 100 years, distributed with the accumulated interest among the descendants of the testator. The heirs of the deceased, however, have taken proceedings to test the legality of the will on the groand that M. Zalesky was not in sound mind.

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