Chairman Javi’s Catalan, not Galician

Bleeding obvious innit.

Contrary to what the Real Academia Española may actually believe, gallego is still commonly used to mean stupid/lazy etc:

This is of course most unjust – now and when Calderón’s Luis Perez el Gallego suggested that judges would do better to look to the evidence than to their next lunch (via):


Blood is spilled shortly afterwards. Anyway, this vid says more:

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  1. I think this chap has been talking with my barber. His declarations in the first video are almost word-for-word the same as I hear when I go once a month. Except that Javi doesn’t like football.

    And I was introduced to the charming title of the second video by a colleague a year or so back. There’s not really much you can say in response, I find.

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