Sog = Singing Organ-Grinder

Acronym of constant sorrow.

German organ grinder spots London rival.

German organ grinder spots London rival.

English (OED):

  • A soft or marshy piece of ground; a swamp, bog, quagmire.
    • a1552 J. Leland Itinerary (1711) V. 71 The Pastures..rottith on the Ground, and maketh Sogges and Quikke More.
  • A drowsy or lethargic state; a sleep, doze, stupor.
    • 1887 Scribner’s Mag. 2 738 Ezra..waved a limp hand warningly toward the bedroom-door. ‘She’s layin’ in a sog,’ he said.
  • A large whale.
    • 1851 H. Melville Moby-Dick lxxxi. 393 Such a sog! such a sogger! Don’t ye love sperm! [sic]


Etc. etc. Obligatory Soggy Bottom Boys video:

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