One more liberal cosmopolitan for Brexit

I agree with Jeremy and TSE that the problem’s not going to go away either way. But, apart from the anti-democratic nature of the project, I’m voting out because, while the EU has lowered costs and raised revenues for the Guardian-reading, property-owning classes (I’m particularly thinking of free movement of people in the form of epic immigration into the UK), it has had a disastrous social and economic effect on the poor: here (e.g. I’ve seen the wanton destruction of any sense of community in places like Leyton and Edmonton), across much of the rest of the union (love those Greek, Italian, Spanish, French economic success stories; who’s going to staff Lithuanian hospitals with a third of the population missing?), and in the African and Asian backyard and its Mediterranean graveyard. Also, I’d prefer to be called a rat (and other less pleasant things) now than stay on a sinking ship. Bonne chance, and fuck the Junckers!

(Another comparison from olden days.)

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