Organ-grinding tweets for August 2017

The latest barrel organ news from Hackney, London.

  • Sat Aug 05 21:08 Required reading after a Welsh holiday
  • Mon Aug 07 07:38 Comment: @DrBeachcombing Just curious what our supermarkets would look like with similar debt/GDP
  • Mon Aug 07 12:21 Blog: Sister Mary and the Bird: Ornithomancy amongst the 19th century north Welsh and Jewish Lithuanians
  • Tue Aug 08 14:56 Der "Leierkasten" ist [seit vier Jahren] dicht! A Munich brothel called "The Barrel Organ" is no more. Phew.
  • Tue Aug 08 15:17 Linz, like other progressive towns, exempts barrel organs & musical boxes from taxes on automated street music
  • Tue Aug 08 20:39 Gruesome for trad publishers, but wonderful to be able to access original Russian Petrushka & commedia scripts
  • Wed Aug 09 07:39 Skye = Barcelona = Ibiza = Venice, but how to ration tourism? By wealth or by ability to perform weird clapping tricks? Eh?
  • Wed Aug 09 07:41 Glen Campbell: it's part-timer's, not Alzheimer's
  • Wed Aug 09 16:18 Glad to discover there's a Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky State University in Nizhny Novgorod
  • Thu Aug 10 08:20 British holiday
  • Thu Aug 10 17:14 The Brits, potato eaters: La reine d'Angleterre/A fait caca par terre/Il faut le nettoyer/Avec des pommes de terre.
  • Fri Aug 11 09:20 Congrats to Gerard: 5* gold in the World Dwarf Games
  • Fri Aug 11 16:46 So you've got yet more blackberries and some cod
  • Sun Aug 13 15:25 Hiphop, 30s style: Jelly Roll Morton, The Murder Ballad
  • Mon Aug 14 10:31 Blog: compilation of Tweets for July, for when T goes down the tube
  • Mon Aug 14 20:37 Spirit of Michael Jackson lives on: two black lads just cycled past wearing blue surgical gloves on their right hands #HackneyCharm
  • Tue Aug 15 09:19 Well, wouldn't you sing Swing Low, Sweet Chariot if you had two Chinooks circling low over you on Mabley Green, Hackney?
  • Tue Aug 15 11:47 Comment: @Barnster @jivehackney They frequently fly low in various parts of London, I guess in prep for serious rioting or WMD attack.
  • Tue Aug 15 11:54 Comment: @Barnster @jivehackney Haha, quite poss, but never seen them do it over Hampstead
  • Tue Aug 15 14:33 Blog: He would an elegy compose / On maggots squeez’d out of his nose: Samuel Butler on a composer of doggerel.
  • Wed Aug 16 07:39 Comment: I guess this is where they ended up:
  • Wed Aug 16 17:50 I thought the Good Friday Agreement included a clause prohibiting the use of (wrong) time zone clocks in PR vids
  • Wed Aug 16 18:02 Life makes more sense now I know that Stravinsky's dad played a drunken fiddler in the première of Borodin's Prince Igor
  • Thu Aug 17 07:12 Even revelation that one is a trans Fijian marmot trapped in white British male does not extend one's NHS health check to 10 minutes
  • Thu Aug 17 07:14 Comment: @Transblawg I meant: Within one's sectarian context
  • Thu Aug 17 08:46 Alexei Sayle: placeholders for non-consanguineal brothers @ then very different 3 Johns, Islington. Via @lordbonkers
  • Thu Aug 17 17:01 Safe & sound
  • Fri Aug 18 07:20 Comment: @Transblawg The buddleia is quite overpowering here.
  • Fri Aug 18 08:15 Roy Campbell's transpositions sometimes achieve Lorca's purpose better than the original

  • Fri Aug 18 08:16 Comment:
  • Fri Aug 18 19:00 By mistake Bruce Forsyth goes to the gates of Muslim paradise. "Salaam aleikum," says the angel. Bruce, quick as a flash: "Aleikum salaam!"
  • Sat Aug 19 06:34 String of pearls: Hop Picking With Colin O’Brien
  • Sat Aug 19 11:11 Russian (Petrine) etiquette: good stuff about snot and spurs
  • Sat Aug 19 11:14 More Roy Campbell on Lorca
  • Sat Aug 19 12:48 Brilliant photo + Quevedo: What's now past is death's domain, What's now passing, his latest gain.
  • Sat Aug 19 17:20 St Pat's Cemetery Leytonstone: If tears could build a stairway And memories a lane We'd walk right up to heaven And bring you home again
  • Sat Aug 19 17:21 Memorised a couple of Polish English epigraphs to see if they were more inspiring in Polish, but got involved in mugging and forgot em again
  • Sun Aug 20 11:16 Someone needs to fisk the Collins English Dictionary
  • Sun Aug 20 13:53 Old Jürgen & Raimond favourite: Lieschen * 3 / komm ein bißchen * 3 / in das Gartenhaus, da ziehen wir uns aus
  • Sun Aug 20 14:59 It is not quite every day that my washing up is described as a "cesspit of horror."
  • Tue Aug 22 12:20 Word corrects "Frenchified fops" to "French-fried fops": genius
  • Tue Aug 22 13:03 Cruikshank guide to modern American political praxis
  • Wed Aug 23 07:40 Small person: If organic food is so healthy, why do people who eat it have less children?
  • Wed Aug 23 09:43 Sterne, Tristram Shandy on hobbies
  • Wed Aug 23 10:11 Boeskoolmenneke vs organ-grinder

  • Wed Aug 23 13:52 Comment: @Transblawg People used to insult him by recalling that period in his life. Hon Pres of some translation association?
  • Wed Aug 23 16:04 Comment: @Transblawg I hope so.
  • Wed Aug 23 17:52 Synthetic Xmas tree abandoned behind the gypsy camp on Hackney Marshes. Late clearing-up for 2016 or upgrade in place for 2017?
  • Thu Aug 24 22:23 Budgens has got pretty classy
  • Thu Aug 24 22:47 Comment: @jackschofield @Transblawg @sternde It doesn't look like Lady Di.
  • Fri Aug 25 12:17 Don't knock automated music.
  • Sat Aug 26 21:28 Hampshire pikies say they have their money on the Irish tarmaccer, we're betting on the bookies
  • Sun Aug 27 16:40 Lady at Barnham, despairing of @SouthernRailUK announcements, calls friend living opposite Bognor station to see if train leaving for London
  • Sun Aug 27 20:38 Village Sue: Watch the manhole! John fell down it & broke his arm. Son Stevie: The cover weren't on.
  • Mon Aug 28 13:05 Brave funny WWI MS letters Arthur Tryweryn ApSimon: macabre humour>daily mortality>foreseeing date/place of doom 2/8/1917 Pilckem Ridge
  • Mon Aug 28 14:20 Comment: But Liverpudlians in Flanders probably all letters home hoping the Lancashire weather would improve.
  • Mon Aug 28 16:02 World record @DellSpain 17-day wait for initial response to support issue? Includes false claim that battery not covered by 1-year warranty…
  • Mon Aug 28 16:11 Comment: @DellSpain Can @DellUK help with this @DellSpain 's incident 952196410? I've relocated to the UK.
  • Mon Aug 28 20:01 Excellent unscripted monkey (Barbary macaque?) cameo in Master and Commander
  • Tue Aug 29 08:43 So which Swiss canton was it that burns at the stake those who use strimmers & mowers except Wednesday 11-12?
  • Tue Aug 29 10:25 Force behind Brutalist revivalism is belief that best C20th architecture produced under Stalin and Hitler, no?
  • Wed Aug 30 10:15 That's what I call a pea-shooter
  • Thu Aug 31 10:36 Speccie subs never even came to London
  • Thu Aug 31 12:19 Comment: @Transblawg I don't think I'm quite that old.
  • Thu Aug 31 23:02 Potential juror #1: I’m aware of the defendant and I hate him

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