Tweets for August 2019

Babies, blackberries, Brexit, breasts. Tories, cricket, bed burials, bay windows, VR games, proverbs, Monty Python, Joaquín Turina, ghit, Ezra Pound, etymology, Freyja. Dorset, Walthamstow Marsh, Brighton, Homerton, Spain, France, Southwark, India vs Pakistan, New England, Upminster, Walthamstow, Georgia, USA, Wivenhoe, Alexandra Palace, Crouch End, Highbury, Friern Barnet, Erith, Stafford, Italy, Rome, Naples, Vesuvius, Lombardy, Ireland, County Kerry, Northern Ireland, Denmark, Soviet Union, Spain, Barcelona.

Cruella de Villas, Highbury, London.

Cruella de Villas, Highbury, London.


Bizarrely, Twitter data downloads don't include others' comments on your tweets, or tweets on which you comment, e.g.:

/ I say something
// Someone replies
/// I reply to them
... and so it's impossible to show tweet trees involving third parties correctly.

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