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Re museums and galleries' (false) claims of copyright over photos of images in their collections

Re museums and galleries' (false) claims of copyright over photos of images in their collections

  • Wed Jun 01 08:33 More support for #TheInternetIsGod in reactions to the termination of effective emergency medicine (GP/A&E) in swathes of the UK: people don't visit their (locked) church or even pray very much
  • Wed Jun 01 08:37 Comment: S re NHS support staff going to work for Deliveroo: "Banning home food deliveries would deliver better preventive & curative patient care - some staff would come back, & punters might actually walk to get their fatburger instead of sitting at home getting Internet Bowel Syndrome"
  • Wed Jun 01 10:21 RT @FrBurrows: Nothing says Bradford, West Yorkshire, City of Culture 2025, like a picture of Norwich RC Cathedral.
  • Wed Jun 01 10:37 Barrel organ off tomorrow for its quinquennial check-up - mannequin's getting a bit weary
  • Wed Jun 01 20:35 Babylon socials are a reminder of how pleasant life could be, given intelligence & application
  • Wed Jun 01 20:37 Comment: @tombcn Imho anal birthing is overrated
  • Wed Jun 01 22:37 Historia de Barcelona, 2/6: #otd * 1271: Se publican las ordenanzas de los corredores comerciales y de bolsa (11+451) * 1296: Privilegio real a Tortosa para la extracción de trigo para Barcelona (19) * 1633: Terremoto (1) * 1929: Inauguración…
  • Thu Jun 02 22:40 Historia de Barcelona, 3/6: #otd * 1371: Procesiones contra la peste negra (41+15) * 1568: ¿Libros hugonotes escondidos en balas de mercaderías de Narbona? (847+56) * 1629: Cónclave internacional de los padres Mínimos para elegir Corrector…
  • Fri Jun 03 19:22 I just read some Google Maps directions - all detail, no context, surely creates disoriented halfwits where relied on frequently. See also: don't use recipes if you want to learn to cook
  • Fri Jun 03 21:52 Of castrati Alessandro Moreschi singing Tosti
  • Fri Jun 03 22:48 Historia de Barcelona, 4/6: #otd * Sábado de Pentecostés es el 04 de junio este año; en 1848 fue el 10 de junio * 1424: Bendicion de banderas de la armada que quiere rescatar a Alfonso V y conquistar Nápoles (24) * 1864: Primera representación,…
  • Sat Jun 04 20:04 Punjabi boerenkapel
  • Sat Jun 04 22:55 Historia de Barcelona, 5/6: #otd * Domingo de Pentecostés es el 05 de junio este año; en 1842 fue el 15 de mayo * ... y en 1848 fue el 11 de junio * 1918: Pla: Elimino, amb desagradables dificultats, una borratxera de pernod * 1919: Pla:…
  • Sun Jun 05 18:41 - Four days of smug mediocrity featuring the extremely wealthy, and then you think of poor old Stanley, dying in abject poverty, screwed by the system... - But he'd have loved it!
  • Sun Jun 05 18:46 Comment: Then the attitude of the olds along the way, their freelance roses bulldozed the other day by the charity freeholder in the interests of more unnecessary & unwanted concrete (commission, anyone?): what will be, will be
  • Sun Jun 05 18:46 Comment: Paese mio, ti lascio, io vado via...
  • Sun Jun 05 22:55 Historia de Barcelona, 6/6: #otd * Lunes de Pentecostés/Segunda Pascua es el 06 de junio este año; en 1848 fue el 12 de junio * 1320: Supuesta primera celebración de Corpus Christi en Barcelona (0+15) * 1632: Juramento del infante cardenal por…
  • Mon Jun 06 23:01 Historia de Barcelona, 7/6: #otd * 1639: Incendio de la Cárcel Real y fuga de los presos (695+24) * 1640: Corpus de Sangre: el plebeyo y los vallesanos matan a ricos, notables, forasteros, y sus criados; queman y saquean; el Virrey muere de un…
  • Tue Jun 07 17:08 Given all Leeds's anti-obesity & anti-pollution strategies, why don't they do something incredibly easy and refuse to license ice cream vans next to playgrounds in public parks and next to schools? (No impact on bricks & mortar ratepaying junk food outlets) @LeedsCC_Help
  • Tue Jun 07 18:41 This is a great film, but not for toddlers
  • Tue Jun 07 18:42 Comment: (Organ-grinder bits!)
  • Tue Jun 07 19:42 Comment: @marybeth_w86 @UniofLeedsHeron @every_heron I'm hoping they're a bit too big & lumpy to swallow now
  • Tue Jun 07 19:47 - I don't think you're ill because you're old, rather I think it's because you never drink any water - You've fallen for the plastic manufacturers' con - getting everyone to walk round with a bottle or cup - How about trying? - I already drink a cup of tea every morning
  • Tue Jun 07 19:49 Comment: @BishopsWMuseum Upper Swanmore in 50 years
  • Tue Jun 07 20:50 Comment: @every_heron @marybeth_w86 @UniofLeedsHeron Oh dear. But it's not as bad as the seagull and the rabbit
  • Tue Jun 07 23:08 Historia de Barcelona, 8/6: #otd * 1576: El Consejo de Ciento pide a los Hermanos Menores Capuchinos que vengan a Barcelona (38) * 1639: Salen 500 hombres para detener la inminente invasión hereje-francesa de Rosellón (480+568/i) * ☼ 05:16-20:24,…
  • Wed Jun 08 08:24 A Pakistani colleague has been observed leaving the street door open. - Excuse me, but would you mind locking the outside door? We're getting some unanticipated recycling. - I do lock it! - Oh, I'm terribly sorry... From inside and outside? - Oh no, just inside.
  • Wed Jun 08 09:27 This is now typical in NHS A&E - partly because GPs are so difficult to access if you're not able to wait weeks
  • Wed Jun 08 23:17 Historia de Barcelona, 9/6: #otd * 1359: Batalla naval catalán-castellano en el puerto de Barcelona con importante uso de artillería (535/i) * 1447: Entran los gitanos en Barcelona (36+268) * 1462: Es declarado persona non grata Juan II de Aragón…
  • Thu Jun 09 10:25 Regression has the inestimable advantage of teaching humility
  • Thu Jun 09 18:22 Dear @Nexter_Group, sounds like you need a proper FR-EN translator. "Do you want to continue firing" is correct
  • Thu Jun 09 20:28 100% in favour of the toddler at the end of the day describing herself as knackered. (Baumann "Londinismen": Knacker, umbringen; he's knackered, er ist abgemurkst worden) Still trying to swear exclusively in Dutch so that only one of her peers will understand any imitation
  • Thu Jun 09 20:41 Comment: @jennitpk For some people that's the first port of call (knackers = testicles), but as a child I lived down a bloody lane from a slaughterhouse, the knacker's, so it just means weary to me.
  • Thu Jun 09 20:55 Not just fairies at the bottom of the garden
  • Thu Jun 09 20:55 Comment:
  • Thu Jun 09 21:01 Comment: Michael is better in the Italian repertoire
  • Thu Jun 09 21:43 Comment: (Schafernaker always makes me think "sheep killer")
  • Thu Jun 09 23:21 Historia de Barcelona, 10/6: #otd * 0162: El legionario Lucio Cecilio Optato deja fondos para financiar combates de boxeo (799) * 1428: Alfonso V pone la primera piedra del monasterio de Jesús (28+6) * 1848: Derribo del convento de capuchinos, ya…
  • Fri Jun 10 20:25 gallimaufrian or gallimaufriac?
  • Fri Jun 10 22:50 *Still* having to explain that/why the moon doesn't always rise at night. Practical revision course planned for this autumn
  • Sat Jun 11 00:01 Historia de Barcelona, 11/6: #otd * 0844: Capitular de Carlos el Calvo a los "godos e hispanos" de Barcelona confirmando los estatutos jurídicos otorgados por Carlomagno y Luis el Piadoso (185+47) * 1568: Asesinado el hijo de Isabel de Josa por el…
  • Sat Jun 11 19:21 Comment: @ibexsalad I believe the trend in the British system is towards paper submission
  • Sat Jun 11 19:27 Comment: @ibexsalad Tax code authors paid by the word
  • Sat Jun 11 19:37 Father threatening to smack 2-year-old daughter for minor infractions not covered by legislative exception. Ah, mother has bruising around her eyes, but discreet enquiry reveals that she has paid a visit to Dr Botox.
  • Sat Jun 11 19:40 Comment: I guess the C American president's granddaughter had undergone a programme of works in the US, but generally it's speaking not really done, is it?
  • Sat Jun 11 20:33 Interesting point re image rights for new photos of out-of-copyright art, which UK galleries etc claim, but which both EU legislation & the UK IPO say do not exist
  • Sat Jun 11 20:46 RT @xkcd: I asked #dalle for a painting titled “The Great Ship Fire” by a made-up artist, who I described as “widely regarded as the greate…
  • Sun Jun 12 00:00 Historia de Barcelona, 12/6: #otd * Domingo de la Trinidad es el 12 de junio este año; en 1848 fue el 18 de junio * 1630: María Ana, hija de Felipe III, tras un viajecito de prueba por la playa, se despide "de sus hermano y patria, para no verlos…
  • Sun Jun 12 18:08 Comment: To be fair, he's from a family that prays five times a day, and Westminster, in banning smacking without addressing that degree of intellectual & emotional retardation, is merely virtue signalling - which is well known, & why the legislation is routinely ignored
  • Mon Jun 13 00:06 Historia de Barcelona, 13/6: #otd * 1372: Martín el Humano se casa con María de Luna (19) * 1439: Los concelleres piden a varios conventos oraciones para acabar con las epidemias que sufre la ciudad (48) * 1450: La reina María de Trastámara deja…
  • Mon Jun 13 07:42 Aware that my own surprise at seeing people still sitting around enjoying the sensual throb of their car is linked to my general surprise at seeing people get into the things in the first place. Would £10/litre be a sufficiently violent shock?
  • Mon Jun 13 07:44 Comment: The curious notion that a government led by a racy columnist would ever produce coherent carbon & obesity policy
  • Mon Jun 13 08:49 A debate as to whether scalpels, forceps, scissors etc. should be acquired to help the toddler dissect objets trouvés, providing more insight than furnished by the bloody scraps of pigeon left behind by the @UoLperegrine during nesting season
  • Mon Jun 13 20:30 I love the old Shameem Dev-type stuff but hadn't seen live video of commercial Kashmiri music from then To an untutored ear, sounds like contemporary Kabul Pashto music the Peshawari godfather used to play in the Hague - trip to the NWF outstanding
  • Mon Jun 13 20:33 Bless, but who was the satirical mastermind in Whitehall who engineered the migration of so much of NI's literate population that the turkeys finally campaigned for Xmas?
  • Tue Jun 14 00:08 Historia de Barcelona, 14/6: #otd * 1488: Reunión del Concejo de 32 sobre la peste (24) * 1497: Muere Jeroni Pau, humanista, bibliotecario, consejero del gran mafioso Rodrigo de Borgia (10+4) * 1634: El virrey no consigue acceder a las cuentas…
  • Tue Jun 14 21:43 The skin of the one-day-old foal at the girls' place at Hollin Lane allotments is still striated from birth, so that it looks rather like a black-on-black zebra, but someone doesn't care about that
  • Wed Jun 15 00:10 Historia de Barcelona, 15/6: #otd * La Víspera del Corpus Christi es el 15 de junio este año; en 1634 fue el 14 de junio * ... y en 1830 fue el 16 de junio * ... y en 1848 fue el 21 de junio * 1533: Más de dos mil personas, algunas descalzas,…
  • Wed Jun 15 19:29 Long chat with Pakistani landlord in the abominable Hyde Park playground: how it should be moved + café to the bowling green, need for dog-free days when sheep can mow the meadow, conversion of student lets to affordable housing when Studying From Thailand really kicks in @NHPNA1
  • Wed Jun 15 19:31 Comment: I believe we formed an electoral pact, but then a move to the slide was announced
  • Wed Jun 15 21:10 Comment: @ibexsalad @Independent I get the same, so I never click Indie links. I guess their website reads your system or browser settings & says: Spanish, obviously can't read English, send him to Spanish home
  • Wed Jun 15 21:17 Comment: @ibexsalad @Independent If they just translate stuff into Spanish, then their CMS should handle it very easily. If the Spanish stuff has a life of its own, then you can automate and/or curate link suggestions for related content - only slightly more complex
  • Thu Jun 16 00:47 Historia de Barcelona, 16/6: #otd * Corpus Christi es el 16 de junio este año; en 1640 fue el 7 de junio * ... y en 1842 fue el 26 de mayo * ... y en 1848 fue el 22 de junio * ... y en 1424 fue el 22 de junio * ... y en 1320 fue el 6 de junio *…
  • Thu Jun 16 10:51 The belief, conveyed to me by two people in Headingley, that hayfever is particularly bad this year because the fields of Leeds have been planted with wheat to make good the Ukrainian shortfall
  • Thu Jun 16 11:09 Comment: @NHPNA1 Ah, hadn't thought of Akmals! The bowling green will have running water and electricity, there's a decent hedge = security, away from the drink/drug/older kids problems of present playground, no proper café that side of the uni, so move the toddlers & parents there
  • Thu Jun 16 11:19 Comment: @NHPNA1 The dog-free days & a flock of sheep to keep the grass down (no petrol mowers etc) is about the good things about the countryside having moved to the town - you've got kites to eat casualties...
  • Thu Jun 16 11:36 Comment: @ianjoicey @NHPNA1 Apart from anything, it's dangerous - sharp corrosion holes in the equipment. I cut myself a few weeks ago on a metal splinter under the small slide in the middle. But the council guy who I met ticking boxes wasn't bothered
  • Thu Jun 16 18:55 Comment: @ianjoicey @NHPNA1 I guess a new playground plays better with voters than maintaining an old one. Is that what happened to the abandoned one at Woodhouse St & the road leading to City Academy?
  • Thu Jun 16 18:57 Comment: @ianjoicey @NHPNA1 My Punjabi friend thought that people might support a local ban on pavement parking if the fines were hypothecated to fix/move the playground & establish a colony of Himalayan blue sheep on the high ground near the bowling café
  • Thu Jun 16 19:01 Comment: @tombcn The Sugarmountain lie machine in full flow
  • Thu Jun 16 19:27 Comment: @ianjoicey @NHPNA1 the obligatory shot
  • Thu Jun 16 23:06 Blue hair is much more of a thing in Leeds than London
  • Fri Jun 17 00:49 Historia de Barcelona, 17/6: #otd * Esta celebración adicional es el 17 de junio este año; en 1848 fue el 23 de junio * 1453: Consagración de Santa María del Pino (14) * 1543: Blasco de Garay, su barco de vapor, y el tesorero Rávago (78) * 1921: …
  • Sat Jun 18 00:49 Historia de Barcelona, 18/6: #otd * Esta celebración adicional es el 18 de junio este año; en 1848 fue el 24 de junio * 1291: Muere Alfonso II de Aragón (0) * 1481: Entra por primera vez como rey Fernando el Católico (0) * 1640: Entra el duque…
  • Sun Jun 19 00:47 Historia de Barcelona, 19/6: #otd * Esta celebración adicional es el 19 de junio este año; en 1848 fue el 25 de junio * 1525: Francisco I de Francia, prisionero de los españoles, desembarca en el puerto (0) * 1848: San Gervasio (y su fiesta…
  • Sun Jun 19 23:03 Now the toddler is 100% socialised, is it time to allow her to determine the entire menu for a picnic?
  • Mon Jun 20 00:51 Historia de Barcelona, 20/6: #otd * Esta celebración adicional es el 20 de junio este año; en 1848 fue el 26 de junio * 1391: Entra León V o VI de Armenia que venía de Castilla (0+1220) * 1705: Pacto de Génova "para establecer en la monarchia de…
  • Mon Jun 20 19:10 @LeedsBeckettHR Someone I know is interested in working for you, but they're not on Twitter. Is there any other way they can get job alerts?
  • Tue Jun 21 00:56 Historia de Barcelona, 21/6: #otd * Esta celebración adicional es el 21 de junio este año; en 1848 fue el 27 de junio * 1461: Noticia de la Capitulación de Villafranca del Penedés, limitando el poder de Juan II de Aragón a favor de la oligarquía…
  • Tue Jun 21 19:07 I am told that Looby will be writing about the train strikes in his current role as a miserably-paid trolley dolly. Here's his latest:
  • Tue Jun 21 19:36 Comment: Tbf, probably not the poster boy the RMT isn't looking for
  • Tue Jun 21 22:03 Historia de Barcelona, 22/6: #otd * Esta celebración adicional es el 22 de junio este año; en 1848 fue el 28 de junio * 1424: Ordinació de la Festa de Corpus (326+185) * 1525: Francisco I de Francia, prisionero, sale hacia la corte (18) * 1848: …
  • Wed Jun 22 07:40 Comment: Just curious why you post jobs on Twitter but don't interact with your Twitter account
  • Wed Jun 22 09:48 Thanks to @raileasy for processing our strike refund so quickly!
  • Wed Jun 22 09:51 Comment: @DrBeachcombing Great great granddad was a Presbyterian, but he believed in it
  • Wed Jun 22 20:01 - You've got Achilles tendinitis. Are you a runner? - Only behind strollers and after toddlers. Pretty sure I did the damage buggy racing with Meanwood Mick, but enough.
  • Wed Jun 22 22:09 Historia de Barcelona, 23/6: #otd * Esta celebración adicional es el 23 de junio este año; en 1848 fue el 29 de junio * 1481: Fernando el Católico jura los fueros (15) * 1842: En busca de la verbena (76) * 1843: La población huye por miedo de…
  • Thu Jun 23 07:46 Leeds Council believes that it's better for kids to get sunstroke than have a pigeon poo on them
  • Thu Jun 23 07:52 Comment: @DanielGalef sometimes it's just not very helpful
  • Thu Jun 23 18:41 Comment: @NHPNA1 @HeadingleyHEART The trick is probably to take the gently amplified music onto the street outside & disclaim all knowledge
  • Thu Jun 23 18:45 Comment: @NHPNA1 @WYP_LeedsNW @LeedsNews Didn't the council fix this with SmartWater years ago?
  • Thu Jun 23 20:02 Comment: @ibexsalad Traditional media are forbidden from reporting on the day. Weird.
  • Thu Jun 23 20:27 Comment: @ibexsalad Too proud to copy smart ideas from other countries
  • Mon Jun 27 09:01 Comment: @ibexsalad I checked this morning: "corruption" is still in the OED
  • Mon Jun 27 20:36 Pigs / km2
  • Mon Jun 27 23:54 28 June 2022: Then: * 1727: Gentlemen at Barnsley wear cockades in their hats to celebrate the proclamation of George II, but why red and orange? * 1995: The real Siegfred Farnon calls it a day Now: * Weather for tonight: partly cloudy,…
  • Tue Jun 28 23:54 29 June 2022: Then: * 1817: Flyer advertising the York Saving Bank, founded 1816 Now: * Weather for tonight: light rain, temperature 13°C (56°F), wind south easterly 12mph, visibility good, pressure 1011mb, humidity 84%, UV risk 0, pollution…
  • Wed Jun 29 06:44 Comment: Messy, but it works
  • Wed Jun 29 09:32 Disadvantage of Achilles tendonitis: no outings, so 10 hours of intense child-led role-play, serving as bit-player, stage-hand, & snot-absorber, interrupted only by several gory sessions studying van Gogh's brush technique
  • Wed Jun 29 09:49 Crow enthusiastically imitating the carpentering of the lesser spotted woodpecker on Headingley Hill
  • Wed Jun 29 10:38 Comment: (The sound, not the act: crows aren't stupid.)
  • Wed Jun 29 21:16 "Eris mihi magnus Apollo" isn't quite the same as "You are my sunshine"
  • Wed Jun 29 23:56 Yorkshire Almanac: 30 June 2022: Then: Sorry, nothing yet for today. Make a suggestion! Now:Weather for tonight: light rain showers, temperature 12°C (54°F), wind southerly 6mph, visibility good, pressure 1009mb, humidity 91%, UV risk 0, pollution low…
  • Thu Jun 30 18:52 An Iranian grammar pedant praised her syntax the other day, but the toddler is first and foremost a semanticist. Helen (BB): So, how are you today? Toddler: I'm completely knackered. Helen: Oh, you mean you're rather tired? Toddler: No, no, no, I'm totally knackered.
  • Thu Jun 30 23:59 Yorkshire Almanac: 1 July 2022: Then: 1788: Leeds textile workers celebrate the banning of exports of live sheep 1840: Opening of the Hull and Selby Railway counters threats to Hull's port from Goole, Scarborough and Bridlington Now: Weather for…

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/ I say something
// Someone replies
/// I reply to them
... and so it's impossible to show tweet trees involving third parties correctly.

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