Budget booze base

Because life’s too short for pious bollocks about life being too short to drink bad wine.

Review dateProduct nameYearProducerRegionGenreAlcoholGBP/75clRetailerPhotosDrinkable?Hangover?Buy again?Comments
2012/06/09Blanc de blancs seco2011Conde de CaraltCatalunyawhite11.52.02Eroski25no
2012/06/09blanco2011Castillo de OliteNavarrawhite12.51.61Eroski25no
2012/06/09Tinto jóven2011EchaveNavarrared13.01.61Eroski33yes
2012/06/12Pazo de Xigard2011Viña CosteiraRibeirowhite11.01.92Eroski33yesBit watery, but that's 11% for you
2012/06/19Tinto / Tempranillo2011Faustino RiveroCastillared13.01.77Eroski24maybe
2012/07/19Riosal cosecheroMasía Can Palet?San Juan Despí?red12.51.37Sorli Discau42yesCan Palet is a restaurant in Terrassa which I assume has some land in Sant Joan and sells off what it doesn't consume. Cork by Bellod Celler, to confuse matters.
2012/08/23Cañador2011Bodegas 1890Jumillared12.01.62Eroski15noPure piss, but acceptable thusly: http://oreneta.com/kalebeul/2012/08/23/only-sensible-use-for-cheap-red-wine-at-30c/
2013/06/03genericunknowngenericTarragonared12.00.90La Bodegueta, Torrijos 16, Barcelona42yes1.40/l out of the barrel, also a fine basis for tinto de verano etc. This is now my default.
2013/06/09Quinta das animas2011Bodegas Alanis Ribeirowhite11.51.79Mercadona15noSubsidised by malevolent Galician dentists?
2013/09/03Store brandAlcampodonkeycan\'t remember0.75Alcampo14yesThe rest of the cooking wine got drunk. It\'s boring and not very nice, but better than some more expensive product. Is it better than bodega wine, though?
2014/01/04Ederra Reserva2009Bodegas BilbaínasRiojared13.56.49Alcampo15noAbsolutely horrible. Dominated by oak, if by that is meant it tasted like drinking antifreeze.
2014/01/05Estola2009Manchared13.02.32Mercadona42yesDoes all the right things, tho GFs say smells excessively of alcohol.
2014/01/06"tarragonés"Tarragonared12.00.87La Bodegueta, Torrijos 16, Barcelona42yesIs there any regulation of what bodegas sell out of barrels? How do we know it is Tarragona plonk and not goat urine mixed with anti-freeze?
2014/01/12Criança (3l bag in box)2011Celler el MasroigMontsantred14.02.49Alcampo42yesExcellent (price is equivalent for 75cl)
2014/11/12Red on tap2013Celler Cooperatiu la GranadaPenedès red?0.70Celler Cooperatiu la Granada42yesHearty stuff. The agrobotiga opens in the afternoon now, so you can go for a walk, buy stuff, and then get the train to Bcn. The bar just up the road is a great favourite too.
2015/02/10Extra Brut2012ArestelPenedès cava11.52.00Lidl42yesExcellent. When is a DOM a cartel: http://www.verema.com/foros/foro-vino/temas/1149486-polemica-cava-arestel-0-99-lidl-que-esta-pasando-estos-precios
2015/03/11Rojalet (3l bag in a box)2013Celler el MasroigMontsantred14.52.12Alcampo24noRemarketed version of the successful crianza tried above.
2015/03/28Albariño Salneval Barrica2013Condes de AlbareiRías Baixaswhite12.55.09Lidl15noHorrible oaky wine clearly produced for morons who'll pay high prices for something in a heavy bottle from a "low-cost" supermarket.
2015/05/06Conde Noble2013[fabricado para Lidl]white11.00.52Lidl24yesPoor-quality table wine, OK for cooking.
2019/07/15Montepulciano d'Abruzzo2017CVSC Coop, Ortona, ItalyMontepulciano d'Abruzzored12.54.75Tesco42yesEvery-day table wine.
2019/07/21Riesling2018TescoRheinhessenwhite11.04.00Tesco42yesThey also sell a Tesco Finest Riesling at 8.75.
2019/07/23Borgo dei Trulli Salice Salentino2018?Orion WinesSalice Salentinored13.06.99Waitrose42yesPosh people liked it.
2019/07/23Pecorino Superiore2018Allegedly Fenaroli, bottled Citra Vini, OrtonaAbruzzowhite13.07.49Waitrose42noReasonable village coop wine.
2019/08/06Chenin Blanc2018Fairtrade vineyards, it says.Breede River Valley, South Africawhite12.56.00Tesco33noSO opposed.
2019/08/06Corte Aurelio Nero d'Avola2018A.VI.P. SpA, Cossano BelboSiciliared13.04.79Lidl24noWorse than the comparable Tesco product.


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