“I’am Barcelonian” feels all wrong, but which demonym do we deserve?

Barcelona Council features over at Harvey’s Barna cream. “Barcelonian” has a long and respectable tradition, though, like Peter, I wouldn’t use it. I think in my case this is because I associate it with troglodytes who think “vibrant” is still a vote-winner, and with Wikipedians, who may well work for the Ajuntament. But what implicit…

More evidence that Barcelona Council doesn’t give a fuck about German

In order to get walkers down from the carpark exit from Park Güell a tourist superhighway is being constructed along what used to be a nostalgic dogshit alley. To enliven the concrete a Gaudí quote is repeated in languages starting with Arabic and ending with Catalan that “Everything comes from the great book of Nature.”…

Barcelona Council, fan of the heavy metal umlaut?

The council’s Christmas greetings–some of which include Spanish, the city’s common language–wish passersby “Fröhe Weihnachten” instead of “Frohe Weihnachten”. Regional president José Montilla’s kids go to the German School in Barcelona, so presumably they didn’t get to proofread.

Pilot overflows the Atlantic

Juan Manuel Durán y González (Jerez de la Frontera, 1899 – Barcelona, 1926). Aviator of the crew that flew from Seville to Buenos Aires in the aircraft called Plus Ultra, overflowing the Atlantic Ocean with seven stages between January 22, 1926, and February 10, 1926.

The Culture in Barcelona

The actual content is now in decent translation, but the site infrastructure remains medieval. I liked Mail of Culture, too.