Scum with nuts of the house

Nata con nueces de la casa, over at Charles Harrison’s, who is an absolute must for all Spanish students of English as it is spoken, and via Iestyn ap Robert, who I believe may fall into the category of a known unknown. Someone moaned that attribution of origin should be obligatory. That might make life…

Sepia to the iron with ali smelt

Via Carlos Ferrero Martín and @ucedaman, another great menu, featuring ears to the iron, sepia to the iron with ali smelt, almejas to the sailor, tape of lomo… “Ali smelt” is original and perhaps a calculated insult to one or all Shias, but “a la” as “to the” has tested the imagination, though not always…

Alicante restaurant serves fragmentation hand grenade for dessert

Having survived Liverpool, the intrepid Mr Harvey returns to Spain only to find himself menaced by pork lions, and worse. Our neighbourhood revolutionary proposes to visit this establishment, purchase 50 fragmentation hand grenades (incredibly cheap at €3.5), and call trading standards if they try any lousy scam, like serving pineapple.

Weal chop

“Txuletón estilo vasco” is the original in this restaurant in the Eixample/Ensanche, Barcelona, so it’s not a wreal chop for these hungry times, nor a flogging and amputation SM dish, but a Pickwickian morsel: “Well,” said Mr. Weller, “… Ain’t you a goin’ to sign it?”“That ‘s the difficulty,” said Sam; “I don’t know what…

Chopin in Marinated

The celebrated composer is being softened up in absolutely beastly fashion down at the excellent El casareño inglés‘s local. Long after the Chinese have learnt the OED by heart, Spanish bar proprietors will continue to torment the harmless drinker.