A friend who died recently lived his life in two halves. In his youth he was the boisterous, swaggering, electrifying bass drummer with a lederhosen band. An excellent natural lyric tenor addicted to the schlager repertoire, a fighter of German marines during wine festivals, a charmer of the ladies, he seemed destined to become an…

El gremio

Todas esas perenganadas de aficionados no hacen más que dañar a la industria. Hay que acabar con ellos. Si quieren hacer comedias, que ingresen como meritorios.

Podría ser el Mussolini de Jardiel, tras la muerte de su húngaro, pero es aquel pobre valenciano.

Three Russian rooster animations

“Big cock” and “The old man and the cock are versions of “Medio pollico” / “Demi-coq”, and “Why the cock wears shorts” is something else.

But this *is* my good side!