Should American-Spanish political interpreters know about Methodism?

In an FT piece a couple of days ago (via) we learn that “As Benoy discovered to its cost, interpreters need to be close to the subject matter as well as competent linguistically”. I didn’t catch the Zapatero Snakeoil Show chez les Obama the other day, but I did see most of Hillary’s slot on…

PP’s Last Supper?

Nice one from Ignacio Escolar, who quotes Luke and asks who’s playing Judas in this photo.
Rajoy Last Supper

Blonde virgins

Last week I snapped a Scandinavian blonde Maria in Vilafranca del Penedès. Joan Amades (El pessebre (1959)) tells us that, in Catalan nativity scenes, the Mother of God was always represented by a young, very white girl with hyper-perfect features, and that her whiteness is both traditional and proverbial (“white as a Mother of God”).…

Yet another (2D) pessebre

In Plaça Jaume I in Vilafranca del Penedès, with the Three Kings creeping up on a haute blonde Mary: