Talking arse

Curiously, Joan Amades noted that Catalan parents used to terrify their children out of going to lonely spots on windy days by telling them that the breeze carried in it a ferocious and sequestracious demon called Cul Pelat, Cul Pelé in French, for which the only reasonable English equivalent I can imagine is Shaven Arse.…

Caganers, nation, faith

“Shit, operating as the preeminent figure of self-alienation …, becomes a symbolic medium for questioning the place of the autonomous individual in new postcolonial societies.”

A northern barbarian goes native.

Franco and the golden ages of the sardana

The sardana was encouraged by the Francoist state and suffered its greatest difficulties during the period of revolutionary anarcho-syndicalist and Stalinist control

Cànon del carrer

Els de “no a l’esquerra” estan al carrer, doncs, li presento alguns (fragments de) crits del carrer del cançoner de Joan Amades (Barcelona, 1951) sobre la melodia d’un cànon anglès (MIDI) del segle disset: La segona regla és del barretaire Joan Saluders de Barcelona (1918): No et posis davant de la ventisosa; no et posis…