Preview of organ grinder repertoire suggested by you folks

Re this post: the form is still here. (There’s more elsewhere, but it’s not as interesting.) I still need to get someone to fix the texts etc etc before is broadcast to the world, but we’ve got a few provisional bookings starting July. Now, how’s organ construction coming on?!

What musical or theatrical numbers would you like to see performed on a barrel organ?

Any suggestions deeply appreciated. Here’s the form, the results of which I won’t publish live in order to discourage Looby from submitting the complete works of Nam June Paik. Perusable results there will, however, be, soonish, and there’ll be more news here shortly. This is the original–from an old band of mine–of one arrangment I…

The storks of war

A fragment from Italo Calvino’s quasi-17th century folk romance, Il visconte dimezzato/The cloven viscount, uses storks as a portent of battle. Several unconnected 2nd century Greek accounts might appear to do the same, perhaps particularly if one’s a lazy sod and doesn’t read anything but scraps of stuff on Google Books.