Why they didn’t find Lorca

Bishop Gibson of Granada understands beatific bureaucracy but not tradition. Featuring a bad Vietnamese flamenco clip.

The new apaches

“They will respect neither the putrefied corpses of high whores nor the imbecilic devotion of the wage earner to his master’s money.”

PP’s Last Supper?

Nice one from Ignacio Escolar, who quotes Luke and asks who’s playing Judas in this photo.
Rajoy Last Supper

Spanish politician wants to ban lying

This is deputy Rosa Díez of the newly formed party, Unión Progreso y Democracia. Today is of course the day we commemorate the Massacre of the Innocents, Spain’s April Fool’s Day: “Sin embargo de que todo esto es verdad, el aniversario de ese gran dia se celebra de una manera tan anómala, que á nosotros…