Legislation re electric-aided bikes

An interesting post from Pascal. From the doc to which he links I learn European legislation stipulates that only pedelecs “which are equipped with an auxiliary electric motor having a maximum continuous rated power of 0,25 kW, of which the output is progressively reduced and finally cut off as the vehicle reaches a speed of…

Cart powered organ

odin.fr. Title: Annie et Artus avec un prototype de 36 Anches Odin. How do you swap the transmission from organ to drive bicycle?

Early tricycle-barrel organ conversion

From The Parish Clerk (1907) by Peter Hampson Ditchfield: Robert Dicker, quondam cabinet-maker in the town of Crediton, Devon, reigned for many years as parish clerk to the, at one time, collegiate church of the same town. He appears to have fulfilled his office satisfactorily up to about 1870, when his mind became somewhat feeble.…


QE1 once sent an organ avec grinder but sans monkey to Sultan Mehmet, but I don’t think anything good came of it–at any rate, there’s not much Orlando Gibbons being played in Istanbul these days. Biciclown, the excellent Álvaro Neil, is in Istanbul at the moment. Here’s one of his promotional videos: And here’s de…

Pantomime-horse-drawn fake barrel organ

I thoroughly approve of Reactor‘s carriage propulsion concept: But will I be able to find such people to draw me across Europe? On balance, bicycle may still be best.