Only sensible use for cheap red wine at 30C+

Mrs Casas says mix 1 cup lemon juice, 1 cup water, 2 cups red (Murcian renal, for example), 1 wedged peach, 4 lemon slices, 3 tbsp sugar, refrigerate for a couple of hours, drink. She also does a splendid iced coffee. The budget booze base is still without third party contributions, suggesting that none of…

Separating egg yolks from whites

Tülin Özen’s shell technique in Semih KaplanoÄŸlu’s Bal, comparison with the palm technique, brief speculation re historical usage of both, and a Moorish honey-cookie recipe.

<a href=''>Birchstone Studios Snot-A-Mug Egg Separator</a> (via comments)

Pà tomaquet not Catalan!

The origins of Catalan cookbook, La cuynera catalana, and a revelatory French description of pan con tomate (albeit soggy) in early 19th century Andalusia. Or: If you can’t make history, make it up.

How jam fakers robbed the Spanish throne

Processing is underway into diverse preserves of the considerable quantities of blackberries and figs gathered this afternoon with la Primitiva Hermandad de la Primera Sueca on a variant of this walk. Some of the blackberries are being turned into liquor, and I found this whilst fishing around for a more unsuitable recipe: A very laughable…

Cooking with pigeons in Spain

Yesterday in town it was remarked on the benefits to allkind that would accrue from exchanging our customary diet of Big Macs for one of roadkill and Fucking pigeon (what’s the Latin?). Celtiberians consulted state that their race does not partake of the pigeon, and Juan Bautista Carrasco’s Mitología universal (1864) suggests that this may…