Blond boar

Not a single person wanted to come on the Republican Picnic today, so I went a-wandering in a very quiet valley in the pre-littoral range. There I met a 75-year old shepherd, out for the day with a couple of dozen young ewes and goats, who explained to me a number of very interesting things,…


“Diet selection was estimated using fecal analysis”

Dog only understands (commands in) Czech

Reports the Chicago Tribune: New Lenox’s newest cop barks, or at least understands, only a foreign tongue. So when canine officer Bear joined the force five months ago, his partner, Officer John Conroy, learned to give commands to the Czech born and bred German shepherd in his native language. “It is a bit of a…

Caganers, nation, faith

“Shit, operating as the preeminent figure of self-alienation …, becomes a symbolic medium for questioning the place of the autonomous individual in new postcolonial societies.”

A northern barbarian goes native.

More mad shepherds

“Their travel preparations involved the slaughter of Jews and of non-ecstatic clerics, as well as the usual catalogue of rape and robbery.”