March tweets

More Czechs, Spike Jones, Brexit, burning Guy, Child Ballads, copyright, Robin Hood’s two pricks, and so on.

Tatraplan by Blahoslaw Rozboril & Josef Daňka at the Pražák Palace bit of the Moravian Gallery in Brno.

Bikini vs vikini

Spelling controversies to overtake music/games/dating/porn as biggest online revenue generator?


Someone in Logroño’s been doing a bit of self-promotion on Wikipedia: La Universidad Internacional de La Rioja tiene motivos para ser considerada la Univesidad en Internet. Damn, damn, damn.

European single currency under threat in Chinchón, Madrid

Seven years on and Spanish barmen still haven’t learned to love those damn eros ueros: Perhaps the shame this induces will send Trichet cap in hand to Threadneedle Street to apply to the Old Lady for admission. Perhaps not. (Thanks to El Ciruco, who is holding out for more than a share in Google Ads)