Call me Trebots

A rather nice example of apocopation and suffixation in Catalan Spanish.

Trebonanius Gallus: completely unrelated. (Photo of the emperor at the Met <a href=''>CC</a> by Pharos.)

The great Catalan gunpowder swindle

As the evenings draw in, the Arenys de Mar sensimilla syndicate has taken time off from the plantation to post another shambling Gran Armada-wreck of nationalist historical revisionism. (It’s dated 2006, but this is the first time it’s turned up in my reader, so…) As is customary, our scenario is back-to-the-future: a massive 15th century…

Youp on Nastic

It will surely be taken as a compliment if I say that Youp van ‘t Hek reminds me a bit of Tarragona’s finest: Gelukkig was ik in Spanje en niet alleen in Barcelona. Zondag zat ik ruim op tijd in de trein naar Tarragona. Op naar de topper Nastic tegen Sevilla, de koploper op dat…

Barcelona-Cadiz, part 1

Brief report on carnival, goat à l’africaine, and a night out with the Belarussian putimafia.