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  • All these street organ arrangements for my modifed Topsy 3 are home-made. Contact me if you want a custom arrangement - whether a modification of a number below or something new - for your own street organ, musical box, barrel piano, or whatever.
  • The MP3s below use Virtual Studio Technology: this is NOT the real sound, and someone needs to sing!
  • Lyrics or translations can be displayed live on a screen, karaoke-style.
Gacela del amor imprevistoLorca / Sans Rancune / The Singing Organ-Grinderes1998Lorca as universal revolutionary instead of reinventor of the Castilian romance: La sangre de tus venas en mi boca, / tu boca ya sin luz para mi muerte (reggaecito cojito con tango)
Copla del viudo del submarinoJuan Antonio Cantaes1996From the last Andalusian avant-gardist: En el fondo del mar tengo yo / Una novia en silencio / Un poquito de pescaito frito / Me trae su recuerdo
Video, possibly from another time or person:
Te quieroJuan Antonio Cantaes1996Macabre ballad of frustrated love from the great farewell album of the last Andalusian surrealist, Las increíbles aventuras de Juan Antonio Canta, set to a marionettish accompaniment.
Miss van Houten's Coffee ShoppeMartin Newellen1995Great number from the wild man of Wivenhoe's Off White Album.
Mooi was die tijdCorry Koningsnl1990
I can get along without youChas and Daveen1989Great ballad from the kings of London pub rock
Ik verscheurde je fotoKoos Albertsnl1984One of the greatest laments in the Dutch repertoire: I tore up your photo / Your letters I've burnt / In my heart I'm weeping / Though I pretend I weren't.
Rainbow connectionPaul Williams / Kenneth Ascher1979As sung by Kermit the Frog in The Muppet Movie. With the pop sonnet by Erik Didriksen.
You're the reason our kids are uglyLorretta Lynn, Conway Twittyen1978
Aan de Costa del Sol (tingelingeling)Trad. German-Italian / Johnny Hoes / Zangeres Zonder Naamnl1975?Waltz, apparently stolen from Trentino in the Tyrol - see the links.
An hini a garanTrad. vannetais / Alan Stivellbr1973Her man has emigrated in search of work.
Love me tenderElvis Presleyen1970
Huilen is voor jou te laatCorry en de Rekelsnl1970
Darling, will you marry me twice?Ivor Cutleren1967Cartesian doctrine in micro format.
Rhythm of the rain / Ritme van de regenThe Cascades / Rob de Nijsnl en1962Also on the soundtrack of Quadrophenia.
De blinde soldaat / The blind soldierZangeres Zonder Naamnl1961A soldier back from the front can't see his new-born son because he has lost his sight.
CrazyPatsy Clineen1960För Sveriges största gitarrist, Tom Coskeran. Done as a waltz
StrangePatsy Clineen1960Strange how you stopped loving me ... when she came along.
As long as he needs meLionel Barten1960Great torch song from Oliver.
Manhã de carnavalLuiz Bonfá / Antônio Maria / Perry Comoen1959Bossa nova recounting significant parts of my life: I'll sing to the sun in the sky, / I'll sing till the sun rises high.
What a difference a day makesDinah Washingtonen1959
Elube (Mi Churri, gran perrito/My doggie, big little doggie)Ndirande Pitch Crooners / The Singing Organ-Grinderen1958The original song in Nyanja (Malawi) is about a girl, but it scans like a dog biting its tail, and so my English version is a homage to all the little doggies out there.
Till there was youMeredith Willson / Beatles / Peggy Leeen1957Sophie Tucker never sang it.
The hippopotamus songFlanders & Swannen1957Mud, mud, glorious mud, / Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood.
De crocus en de hyacint Dorus / Tom Mandersnl1957
Chella llàRenato Carosone / Marino Mariniit1956
Tulpen uit Amsterdam / Tulips from AmsterdamRalf Arnie / Van Aleda / Max Bygravesnl en1956Typically Dutch: a German waltz about Turkish flowers. Virtual excerpt:
When you are old and greyTom Lehreren1953On request only. Virtual excerpt:
I hold your hand in mine, dearTom Lehreren1953I press it to my lips / I take a healthy bite / From your dainty fingertips.
How much is that doggie in the windowBob Merrill / Patti Pageen1953The one with the waggly tail. Lita Roza's version was Maggie Thatcher's favourite song.
South of the borderGene Autry / Patsy Clineen1950Bolero
Capri-Fischer / Fishermen of Capri (Bella, bella Marie)Rudi Schuricke / Gerhard Winkler / Ralph Maria Siegelde en1949Wenn bei Capri die rote Sonne im Meer versinkt: Lola sings this tango in Fassbinder's Wirtschaftswunderbar, but the version by Gracie Fields is also rather special.
Enjoy yourself (it's later than you think)Guy Lombardo / Prince Buster / Specialsen1949Because when you kiss a dollar bill, it doesn't kiss you back.
Diep in m'n hartJaap Valkhoff / Ernst van ’t Hoff / Willeke Albertinl1944Slow foxtrot
My girl's pussyRobert Crumb & his Cheap Suit Serenadersen1940Often it goes out at night, returns at break of dawn / No matter what the weather's like it's always nice and warm.
HawaiiMary J. Muckle / Anon / The Singing Organ-Grinderen1940There are three words that sweetly blend, / That on the heart are graven; / A precious soothing balm they lend– / They’re Mother, Home and Hawaii!
Begin the beguineCole Porter / Les Paulen1940Beguine
Rose, Rose, I love you / Shanghai Rose / May Kway / 玫瑰玫瑰我愛你Chen Gexin / Yao Lee / Wilfrid Thomas / Frankie Laineen1940Mandarin pop classic. Allegedly the only major popular music chart hit in the United States written by a Chinese composer.
Video, possibly from another time or person:
Lydia, the Tattooed LadyYip Harburg / Harold Arlen / Groucho Marx / The Muppetsen1939From At the Circus. Appears as Todd's new ringtone in Breaking Bad.
Leaning on a lamp-postGeorge Formbyen1937Surprisingly well-known on 21st century London streets.
Pennies from heavenArthur Johnston / Johnny Burke / Bing Crosbyen1936You'll find your fortune falling all over the town / Be sure that your umbrella is upside down.
Nobody loves a fairy when she's 40Arthur Le Clerq / Tessie O'Sheaen1935
Утомлённое солнце (Weary sun)/To ostatnia niedziela (This is the last Sunday)Jerzy Petersburski / Zenon Friedwald / Iosif Alvek / Pavel Mikhailovru1935Polish tango about failed love, also done in a Russian, Black Sea-ish version. Featured in Yuriy Norshteyn's stunning Tale of Tales.
Video, possibly from another time or person:
Isle of Capri / C'est à CapriWill Grosz / Jimmy Kennedy / Lew Stoneen nl fr1934Sometimes with lyrics featuring the River Lea / Lee in East London: Twas on the banks of the Lea that I met her / Under the shade of an old apple tree / Now I can still hear the sirens around me / As I lie bleeding in A and E.
Love is the sweetest thingAl Bowlly / Ray Nobleen1932
It's only a paper moonHarold Arlenen1930
Mijn kleine groene cactusComedian Harmonists / Gerrit Bellersnl de1930Dutch text by Gerrit Bellers: Bloemen en planten, zoals chrysanten, / Of rozen, tulpen en narcissen, / Willen de mensen, zo zijn hun wensen, / Ik hoef ze niet, ik kan ze missen.
I can't give you anything but loveMcHugh-Fieldsen1928
Barnacle Bill the sailor Hoagy Carmichael / Bix Beiderbecke / Tex Morton / Betty Boopen1927It's only me from over the sea / I'm all dressed up like a Christmas tree. With interludes featuring Benny Hill alla turca and the Beautiful Blue Danube (it's brown). Virtual excerpt:

Video, possibly from another time or person:
I'm living alone and I like itSophie Tuckeren1920
Five foot two, eyes of blueHendersonen1920Foxtrot
K-K-K-KatyGeoffrey O'Haraen1918
Le pont MirabeauGuillaume Apollinaire / Léo Ferréfr en1912
Frankie and Johnny were loversFrank Crumit / Hughie Cannonen1904She done him wrong.
She moved through the fairTrad. / Alan Stivellen1900sOne of the most beautiful songs around. Stivell's version famously floated the melody over the accompaniment.
Daisy bellHarry Dacreen1892Love on a tandem: But you'd look sweet / Upon the seat / Of a bicycle built for two.
Zwei blaue Augen / Twee blauwe ogen / The two blue eyes of my sweetheart (Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen)Gustav Mahler / Dutch translation: Jan Rot / English: T.E. Clarkde nl en1885Auf der Strasse stand ein Lindenbaum, Da hab' ich zum ersten Mal im Schlaf geruht!
Erev-Yonkiper nokhn halbn tog / 'Twas on the eve of Yom KippurAnonen yi1880Yiddish ballad of forbidden love between a Goy & a Yid, Singing Organ-Grinder's translation: 'And now is come the time of love: / Say unto me but yea or nay.' / 'Lov'st thou me yea, or lov'st me nay, / We must now part, my parents say.' Whereupon he shoots her.
The best of Tristan und IsoldeWagner / The Singing Organ-Grinder1880Wagner was a big country and western fan.
To a lady that desired me I would beare my part (sic)Richard Lovelace / The Singing Organ-Grinderen1649First use of 'serenade' in English: What, though 'tis said I have a voice; / I know 'tis but that hollow noise / Which (as it through my pipe doth speed) / Bitterns do carol through a reed.
When that I was and a little tiny boy (Hey, ho, the wind and the rain)William Shakespeare / John Harle1601Feste the Fool's closing song from Twelth Night. Version of Elvis Costello's version of the traditional version sung by Alfred Deller.
Sweetest love, I do not goeJohn Donne / Ralph Steadman / The Singing Organ-Grinderen1600?It cannot be / That thou lov'st me, as thou say'st, / If in thine my life thou waste, / That art the best of me.
A frog he would a wooing go Trad.en1548Fate
Come on chapsTradenTeasing/bragging song: Blackpool is the place for me, / a fishing from the rock. / I never use my fishing line, / I always use my... / Dainty little fingers...

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