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  • All these street organ arrangements for my modifed Topsy 3 are home-made. Contact me if you want a custom arrangement - whether a modification of a number below or something new - for your own street organ, musical box, barrel piano, or whatever.
  • The MP3s below use Virtual Studio Technology: this is NOT the real sound, and someone needs to sing!
  • Lyrics or translations can be displayed live on a screen, karaoke-style.
The becksThe Singing Organ-Grinderen2022Song suitable for young and old about Leeds's streams. Based on De Beken by Fred van de Ven.
Sleeping BeautyGeorge Szirtesen2016A telling fragment from one of my favourite contemporary poets.
Pablow the blowfishMiley Cyrusen2015Almost as good as Fluffy.
Video, possibly from another time or person:
Croquetón / Sausage ManThe Singing Organ-Grinderes en2013Incidental music written for a children's story by Eva Muñoz about what happens when your food comes fast and in Godzilla-sized portions. Virtual excerpt:

Video, possibly from another time or person:
Anys i anys... per molts anys!Club Super 3ca2001Catalan birthday song, obligatory fare during school gigs in and around Barcelona.
Een jongen krijgt een meisjesbrief / A boy receives a girlish noteWillem Wilmink / Harry Banninknl en1995One of Wilmink's so-called intermezzos. So in / My palace in the tallest tower / I read that round name, hour by hour: / Eva Cohen.
Video, possibly from another time or person:
George is my horseFay Lovskyen1992George says he don't like these cars / These stone trails, where's the grass? Fay was last seen playing singing saw with Robert Crumb.
Naar de speeltuinHeleentje van Capelle met de Karekieten en het Orkest Zonder Naamnl1987
Fungus the BogeymanThe Singing Organ-Grinderen1985Inspired in some fashion by Raymond Briggs' graphic novel.
FluffyGloria Balsam / Richard van Dorn / Davey Saylesen1980Her doggie gets lost in the woods, and Gloria is very sad: 'Here, Fluffy, where are you?'
Video, possibly from another time or person:
Rainbow connectionPaul Williams / Kenneth Ascher1979As sung by Kermit the Frog in The Muppet Movie. With the pop sonnet by Erik Didriksen.
Smurf songPierre Kartnernl1977
Magic eggBarrow Poetsen1972Found on a 60s LP. The video is of another piece. Gerard Benson was one of the figures behind London's Poems on the Underground. Long, long ago before time had begun, the moon lost a pebble and away through space it spun, in the world far below only water could be seen, it sank down to the bottom and it lay there like a dream.
Video, possibly from another time or person:
Peppi en Kokki intronl1972Dutch 70s absurdist children's show.
Video, possibly from another time or person:
Postman Pat / Pat el Cartero / Postmann PatBryan Daly / Ken Barrieno en1970In English or Norwegian. Virtual excerpt:

Video, possibly from another time or person:
Theme from the Magic RoundaboutAlain Legrand1970The bits featuring a barrel organ were more popular in Germany.
Video, possibly from another time or person:
Flocon, papillon (Fabulettes)Anne Sylvestrefr1969En souvenir de notre grand ami, Christophe Quinton: Il neigera, il neigera / puis un jour le printemps viendra / Et sur les branches il neigera / des fleurs de pommes et du lilas. Virtual excerpt:
The bare necessities (The Jungle Book)Terry Gilkysonen1967
I wanna be like you (The Jungle Book)Sherman Brothers / Louis Primaen1967
Good morning, how are you?' 'Shut up!'Ivor Cutleren1967Don't give me the small talk, give me the big talk. Cutler's songs are both for and about children. Virtual excerpt:
I'm happyIvor Cutleren1967And I'll punch the man who says I'm not. A boxing classic to be.
Darling, will you marry me twice?Ivor Cutleren1967Cartesian doctrine in micro format.
I'm going in a fieldIvor Cutleren1967Green grass, yellow flowers / My lover’s eyes are blue.
Goldilocks and the three bearsAfferbeck Lauderen1965In English, but also in Australian or Strine: Girldie Larks, Girldie Larks, where have you been? / I beat up London and vented my spleen, / And then I cummome menai harrased the Behrs; / I yay tarp their porridge and bro karp their chairs. / I savaged the beds and I tordan the fences. / And frightened a little mouse out of its senses.
One-note samba (demo version)en1965Used in how-the-organ-works talks.
Chim chim cher-ee (Mary Poppins)Sherman Brothers / Julie Andrews / Dick van Dykeen1964
Feed the birds (Mary Poppins)Sherman Brothers / Julie Andrewsen1964
La patitaCri-Cri / Francisco Gabilondo Soleres1960?What will Mother Duck give her ducklings to eat now dad refuses to work and the market is so expensive?
Video, possibly from another time or person:
Ratón vaqueroCri-Cri / Francisco Gabilondo Soleres1960?Cowboy mouse
PerritoCri-Cri / Francisco Gabilondo Soleres1960?Doggie
Di por qué, dime abuelitaCri-Cri / Francisco Gabilondo Soleres1960?Children's song which treads a fine line with grandma: Tell me why you're teeth are gone / And your hair's like the foam of the sea.
As long as he needs meLionel Barten1960Great torch song from Oliver.
Puff, the magic dragon (Puff, el drac màgic)Leonard Lipton / Peter Yarrow / Peter, Paul and Maryen ca1960
On the ning nang nongSpike Milliganen1959Where the cows go Bong!
Cowboy BillyJan en Julesnl1959Part of the European craze for local cowboys.
Video, possibly from another time or person:
Inflation calypsoET Mensahen1958?Pidgin English highlife from post-independence Ghana, now with extra verse about deflation. Useful for introducing basic economics to small beings.
Video, possibly from another time or person:
Elube (Mi Churri, gran perrito/My doggie, big little doggie)Ndirande Pitch Crooners / The Singing Organ-Grinderen1958The original song in Nyanja (Malawi) is about a girl, but it scans like a dog biting its tail, and so my English version is a homage to all the little doggies out there.
The super supper marchDr. Seuss / Dean Elliotten1957 / 1971Hungry, hungry, I am hungry / Table, table, here I come. Virtual excerpt:
The hippopotamus songFlanders & Swannen1957Mud, mud, glorious mud, / Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood.
Nellie the elephantRalph Butler / Peter Harten1956Donald has asked me to revive this classic: Nellie the Elephant packed her trunk / And said goodbye to the circus / Off she went with a trumpety-trump / Trump, trump, trump.
Sunday MirrorET Mensahen1956Highlife ad for a 1950s Ghanaian newspaper.
Tulpen uit Amsterdam / Tulips from AmsterdamRalf Arnie / Van Aleda / Max Bygravesnl en1956Typically Dutch: a German waltz about Turkish flowers. Virtual excerpt:
El baile de los pajaritos / The birdie song / De vogeltjesdansEl payo Juan Manuel / Werner Thomas / Johnny Hoeses nl en1955
I know an old lady who swallowed a flyBurl Ivesen1953I think she'll die.
How much is that doggie in the windowBob Merrill / Patti Pageen1953The one with the waggly tail. Lita Roza's version was Maggie Thatcher's favourite song.
Time to go home (Andy Pandy)Maria Birden1950We didn't have a telly, but for some reason it's still familiar.
Video, possibly from another time or person:
BananasMachitoen nl ca1950The mambo king indulges in a bit of self-parody. Available in English, Catalan or Dutch.
Video, possibly from another time or person:
Yo tengo un mocoTrad. / Wagner / Mozart / Pierre Degeyter / traductor comunista desconocidoes1950Mashup with kazoo of a Spanish children's song about eating your bogies, The Mastersingers of Nuremburg, Eine kleine Nachtmusik and the Internationale ('Arise ye starvelings from your slumbers').
All I want for Christmas is my two front teethSpike Jonesen1940A little girl's terrible lisp is caused by her insufficient dentition. Works well at primary schools and dental conferences.
Video, possibly from another time or person:
In the big rock candy mountainsHarry Kirby McClintocken1940Utopia vagorum.
That's all folksLooney Toons1940
It's raining, it's pouringTrad.en1939?
Cool waterBob Nolan / Hank Williams / Sons of the Pioneersen1936Gloss on Psalms 42:1: I and my mule, Dan, are crossing the desert when we see a mirage: Can you see that big green tree / Where the water's running free / And it's waiting there for you and me?
Video, possibly from another time or person:
Old Dan TuckerCackle Sistersen1935Song about a simple man, with cackle chorus. Why? Because that's how the sisters sang.
Video, possibly from another time or person:
Your feet's too bigAda Benson / Fred Fisher / The Ink Spotsen1935
My brother makes the noises for the talkiesAlbert Whelan / Jack Payne / Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Banden1931
Zeg, Roodkapje, waar ga je heen?Trad.nl1930?Red Riding Hood, in Dutch, now with a Spanish version.
De kikkertjes Anonnl1930?Dutch frogs are a sight for sore eyes.
La gallina PapanatasMonreales1930Mexican corrido about a prolific hen.
Barnacle Bill the sailor Hoagy Carmichael / Bix Beiderbecke / Tex Morton / Betty Boopen1927It's only me from over the sea / I'm all dressed up like a Christmas tree. With interludes featuring Benny Hill alla turca and the Beautiful Blue Danube (it's brown). Virtual excerpt:

Video, possibly from another time or person:
The barking policeman (parody of The laughing policeman)George W. Johnson / Charles Penrose / Richard Littlejohnen1922Tribute to PC Steve Hutton of Swindon, who devised an interesting way of mitigating police cuts.
El dilluns jo no treballoValencianoca1920Song in Valencian lists the days of the week on which I don't work. Their number is lucky.
Video, possibly from another time or person:
El nuevo FordCubanoes1920
My old tunesEdward Elgaren1915From Elgar's incidental music for The Starlight Express, a children's play by Violet Pearn based on the imaginative novel A Prisoner in Fairyland by Algernon Blackwood: My old tunes are rather broken / And they come from far away, / Bring just a little token / Of a long-forgotten day.
Video, possibly from another time or person:
Crits del carrerJoan Amades Cançoner / English C17th canonca1910Audience participation required in this canon consisting of the cries (in Catalan) of the vendors of potatoes, hats and chocolate. As good in its way as Clément Janequin, Voulez ouyr les cris de Paris
The teddy bear's picnicJohn Brattonen1907Don't go into the woods.
Video, possibly from another time or person:
Incy wincy spiderTrad.en1900?
Happy birthday to youen es ca1893I believe I can sing this now without being sued by copyright lawyers.
Video, possibly from another time or person:
Daisy bellHarry Dacreen1892Love on a tandem: But you'd look sweet / Upon the seat / Of a bicycle built for two.
She'll be coming round the mountainTrad.en1890s
Mamma mia, dammi 100 lire che in America voglio andar (Mum, give me 100 lire cos I want to go to America)Anonit1890ish?About the great Italian emigration (late C19th - 1930s). Often used with children. Should 'America' now be replaced by 'London'? Cento lire io te le do, ma in America no no no! 100 lire I'll give you, but America, no no no!
Ballet of the unhatched chicksModest Mussorgsky1874Edited from an early piano roll. Virtual excerpt:
Row, row, row your boatTrad.en1852
Dance to your daddy (when the boat comes in)Trad.en1850?Games and dances
Video, possibly from another time or person:
k Zag twee berennl1850?
Here we go round the mulberry bushTrad.en1840sGames and dances
Mary had a little lambSarah Josepha Hale / Lowell Mason / Afferbeck Lauderen1830 / 1965In 19th century English and then in 20th century Strine: So Mary Header little lamb / With vedgies and mint sauce. / 'Oh dearest lamb,' she cried, 'I am / As hungry as a horse.'
I love little pussyTrad.en1830Cats and mice
Aiken DrumTrad.en1820Riddles and nonsense.
The holly and the ivyTrad.en1810?
Twinkle, twinkle, little star Trad.en1806 (melody 1761)Lullabies
Pussy cat, pussy cat, where have you been?Trad.en1805Cats and mice
Polly put the kettle onTrad.en1803See also O du lieber Augustin.
Hot cross bunsTrad.en1798Food
Diddle diddle dumplingTrad.en1797Lullabies
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall Trad.en1797Riddles and nonsense. Some busts are for ever.
Tom, Tom, the piper's sonTrad.en1795
Ring a ring o' rosesTrad.en1790sGames and dances
Lang zal hij levennl1790?
Rock-a-bye babyTrad.en1765Lullabies
Hey diddle diddleTrad.en1765Riddles and nonsense.
London Bridge is falling downTrad.en1750ish (lyrics) / 1879 (tune)
Oranges and lemonsTrad.en1744?Games and dances
Mary, Mary, quite contraryen1744 (lyrics)
Hickory dickory dockTrad.en1744Cats and mice
Who killed Cock Robin?Trad.en1744One of the greatest murder songs in English: Who killed Cock Robin? / I, said the Sparrow, / with my bow and arrow, / I killed Cock Robin.
Sing a song of sixpence Trad.en1744
Baa, baa, black sheepTrad.en1731
Little Jack HornerTrad.en1725Food
Pat a cake, pat a cake, baker's manTrad.en1698Food
The grand old Duke Of YorkTrad.en1642
Three blind miceTrad.en1609 / 1805Both the original and the modern versions are available
When that I was and a little tiny boy (Hey, ho, the wind and the rain)William Shakespeare / John Harle1601Feste the Fool's closing song from Twelth Night. Version of Elvis Costello's version of the traditional version sung by Alfred Deller.
Ding dong bell, pussy's in the wellTrad.en1580Cats and mice
A frog he would a wooing go Trad.en1548Fate
The worm song (nobody likes me)en
Las mañanitasesMexican birthday song.

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