This website shows the origins of various Jones, Davies, Masseys, Thompsons and others in North and South Wales (and particularly in the area around Bala Lake), Cheshire, Scotland and Ireland (via New York), and other places; how they came together as ApSimons in the late 19th century; and how their offspring went their own ways in the 20th century. I have also started pillaging and validating Tony Bennett's excellent work on Ancestry for Cornish connections on the Tangye side.

The living and those who have been dead for less than 25 years have been excluded from the public version, which is the version accessible via search.

There is also a private site: Exhibits include the full version of this; the First World War and other correspondence of Thomas Trevor ApSimon (Royal Army Medical Corps; 1880-1976) and Arthur Tryweryn ApSimon (Royal Welch Fusiliers; 1883-1917) and the war photos of the former, mostly from the desert campaign with the 52nd Lowland Division in Sinai and Palestine; Arthur Massey ApSimon (1927-2019), being the foine startings of a loife, as told to TGA by AMA, HTA and others; family photos scanned from AMA's slides and other sources; my English translation of the autobiography of Robert Thomas, bardic name Ap Vychan (1809-1880), lichen gatherer, blacksmith and Congregationalist minister from Ty Coch, friend of Thomas Jones.

Google Maps with Street View, hacked from CSV of georeferenced locations (Gramps export doesn't do multilocation maps).