Gramps ID E2057
Date estimated between 1944 and 1962
Place 21 Heath Street, Hampstead, Middlesex
Description Partner in "Sybil Rang and Ap Simon", a property letting agency, literary agency (also listed at 43 St. Martin's Lane, corresponded inter alia with William A. Bradley Literary Agency), typing and duplicating (e.g. for the future politician Alan Clark in the early 1950s; Sylvia Plath mentions them as a possible source of odd jobs), and sold Christmas cards inter alia designed by daughter Jean. I think Sybil Rang was Sybil J E Taylor, born 1890 Surrey, who married Charles P A Rang at Hendon in Q4 1930, after which he emigrated. LAD thinks that Estyn and Sybil's relationship was purely professional - Estyn seems to have been on good terms with husband Charles.