Map showing Thompson/McCreery mansion


"Street Map with House of Mercy & Bolton Road, Bromley Section 8 Plate 186 1916 This map was drawn in 1916. The House of Mercy location is clear. It was situated between 213th and 214th Sts, with its front on 14th Ave. 14th Ave corresponds to the path with the fire hydrant and the fence at the Hudson River Overlook. At the lower left is the Bolton Road S-Curve. Bolton Road then follows the edge of the cliff above the Indian Caves. Next comes the Straus Estate, which was located bewteen 214th and 215th Sts. The tipped over catalpa tree is located on 215th St. Notice the road that ran behind the three wings of the House of Mercy. In the present park set-up, this path now continues through the Straus Estate, all of the way to 216th St. There are forsythia bushes along this path, and the old brick well. The low stone wall along Upper Bolton Road begins at 216th St, where Upper Bolton Road begins its long descent. If you look closely at the map, you can see the driveway which led from Upper Bolton Road to the House of Straus."

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